Joe Biden’s Eye Fills with BLOOD During CNN Town Hall

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Joe Biden's eye fills with blood during CNN town hall

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden’s eye filled with blood during a CNN town hall on Wednesday.

The lackluster performance at CNN’s climate change town hall was swiftly interrupted when the former Vice President’s left eye began filling up with blood. reports: At around the same time, his campaign cautioned voters not to “turn a blind eye to the way in which environmental burdens are distributed unevenly along racial and socioeconomic lines” – an ironic coincidence, or a sly reference to the unusual anatomic event?

Before Biden’s eye exploded, the audience had been raking him over the coals for a scheduled fundraiser the following night at the home of a natural gas executive. The three-time candidate has never been particularly committed to “green” issues – slammed by environmental groups for not having a climate change policy, he finally released one in June that contained several plagiarized items. But he had, along with most of the other Democratic candidates, promised not to take money from the fossil fuel industry – a promise the fundraiser seemed to break, to viewers’ dismay.

But even the most blatant political hypocrisy was no match for the eye. “Look, Biden haters, sometimes your eye is gonna spontaneously fill up with blood, okay,” one user joked. “Twitter furiously deploying algorithms to keep Biden’s bloody corpse eye from trending,” observed another (it appeared to work – while #ClimateTownHall was trending, #BidensBloodyEye and variations thereof were noticeably not).

Apparently, it wasn’t even the first time Biden’s eye has filled up with blood during an important political event.

But some commenters found a way to bring the conversation back to the environment. “Not sure after tonight who has less time to live, Biden or the planet,” said one. “Joe Biden lied so hard during the climate town hall that his eye started bleeding,” commented another. “I give it 14 minutes before Biden’s campaign says his bloody eye was because of climate change,” predicted another. 

Meanwhile, others made the inevitable comparisons to Hillary Clinton – another candidate with a marked “enthusiasm gap” between donors and voters, who has run for president and lost before, yet is propped up by the media as the surefire winner.

And some took time out from gawking to worry about his health, since political speeches don’t normally cause visible injury. “Does Biden have a blood clot in his left eye?” wondered one user. “This can’t be good news, given his health history,” noted another.


  1. This is not new.. this is what happens when the eyes are too old for the demons inside the host to carry out the manifestation of shapeshifting.. basically his eyes are unable to transform to the devils reptilian manifestation.. and the blood vessels burst and henceforth the eyes naturally fill with blood…

    • Three years later…we see this beast deserves execution for Treason. Just like Bill,George, and barry….
      This Global Communist Cabal is about to have its throat cut.

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