Joe Rogan: ‘Trump Will Win 2024 in HUGE Landslide – Democrats F**ked Up Royally With Biden’

Fact checked
Joe Rogan predicts Trump will win 2024 by massive landslide

Joe Rogan has predicted that Donald Trump will win the 2024 election by a huge landslide because the Democrats really “f**ked up royally” when they chose Biden as their nominee in 2020.

Rogan didn’t mince his words during his brutal description of Dementia Joe during a recent interview with Amanda Knox.



  1. Doesnt matter. It’s basically WWF. It’s just a divide and conquer WITH distraction tactic.
    This is why the USA has consistently gotten worse and worse. I keep telling people that FEMA has the presidential power, they never gave it back. Some say they remember that executive order. But this right/left paradigm is just programmed too strongly. Either that or they don’t want to believe all their presidents are from elitist families that tend to play other ACTING roles. The NWO understands psychology. They know you go red then get mad at red and go blue then get mad at blue then go red again. How many presidents didn’t get their 2nd term? Besides the cia guy. Besides the blatant thief of an election for a position that is already filled by FEMA. How many arent related to each other in some weird twist of fate? DC Royals. That’s what you got. And Trump is no different. I’ll admit it was better with trump but they played it that way. And nobody locked anyone up. They play the roles they’re told to play. Perhaps you should stop playing their game.

      • NAZIS agents brought into CIA by 1952 “Operation MockingBird” have taught CIA how to RIG elections so Trump will NOT WIN any time soon, unless thare’s a Civil War led by Military Vets to take out WOKE US Military

        • Conspiracy theories are not facts!!!!!!

          And the far right are about 1% of the population. Good luck with that!

          • IF U R so smart, explain this> Wisconsin normally gets a few 100 I.C. ballots (Indefinite Confinement ballots have NO REQ’T for photo ID or signarure) but in 2020 election they got over 171,000 I.C. Ballots ~ 1000 X normal amnt Since WI has it as a FACT, then U R saying it’s NOT a Conspiracy Theory, that it is FRAUD? BTW> NO REASON for anyone to send in extra I.C. ballots b/c eveyone got a “Mail-In” ballot UNLESS U want to “Stuff the Ballot Box”

          • All registered voters must have produced ID to register.

            Once you prove your rampant lying you’ll have a point! You can’t!


          • Operaion PaperClip & MockingBird brought NAZIS agents into the USA> ever hear of Wehner Von Braun head of NASA who honchoed the SATRUN moon rocket? What makes U think NAZIS agents weren’t also brought into the CIA/FBI to deal w/Cold War vs Soviets? Makes perfect sense to use NAZIS agents to gain INFO on Soviets, but what could go wrong? How about EVERY THING

  2. Really, people, don’t you know that presidential campaigns today are just money making schemes for the candidate and invitations for foreign royal mobsters to smash and grab America. Did Clinton’s Global Initiative not reveal that? NO DEMOCRATS. NO REPUBLICANS. NOT EVER. All the way down to town council. You have until Year 2022 to get it right. Door to door census to see who is legal and who is not. Door to door paper vote to eliminate fraud. If you are afraid of that, then you should leave America now.

  3. Wisconsin law, Wis. Stat. section 6.86 (2) (a), requires voters to show photo identification when requesting an absentee ballot. However, a voter is not required to show photo identification if the voter indicates he or she is “indefinitely confined because of age, physical illness or infirmity or is disabled for an indefinite period.”

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