John Barrasso: ‘Blood Drained From Schiff’s Face’ When Attorneys Played Video Of Fake Call and Transcript

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Sen. John Barrasso claims the blood drained from Adam Schiff's face when Trump's attorneys played back fake call and transcript

Senator John Barrasso claims he saw the blood drain from Adam Schiff’s face when Trump’s attorneys confronted him about his fake call and transcript.

According to the Senate seating chart, Barrasso was seated in the second row giving him a clear view of Schiff’s reactions during proceedings. reports: Deputy White House Counsel Mike Purpura opened the White House defense of President Donald Trump with video of Adam Schiff’s fake call and transcript he read during the House impeachment proceedings.

Mike Purpura played the video immediately after taking the podium on Saturday.

And there Schiff was lying his face off for the whole world to see.

Schiff completely fabricated transcript of Trump’s phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his opening statement in the House hearings.

On Saturday, Trump’s lawyers confronted the serial liar in person, making the blood drain from his face.

Watch Barrasso explain how the blood drained from Schiff’s face: