John Kerry: People Would ‘Feel Better’ About Ukraine War If Russia ‘Cut Its Emissions’

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Kerry has just proved what an idiot he is!

John Kerry

Biden’s outgoing climate czar John Kerry has publicly declared that people would “feel better” about the war in Ukraine if Russia would “make a greater effort to reduce emissions”.

The climate doomsday cultist made the comments during a press conference on Tuesday, proving that he is even more of an idiot than anyone imagined.

Kerry has just left his position as the US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate to reportedly join President Biden’s presidential re-election campaign.

Expose News reports: During a foreign press briefing on Tuesday, Kerry reflected on his time as the first US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate after President Joe Biden created the position in 2021. His comments included his disappointment that Russia ultimately chose to wage an “unprovoked, illegal war” rather than offer solutions to combat climate change.

“If Russia wanted to show good faith, they could go out and announce what their reductions are going to be and make a greater effort to reduce emissions now,” he said.  “Maybe that would open up the door for people to feel better about what Russia is choosing to do at this point in time.”

“I believe that Russia has the ability to be able to make enormous changes if it really wanted to. I mean, if Russia has the ability to wage a war illegally and invade another country, they ought to be able to find the effort to be responsible on the climate issue,” Kerry said.

If the video above is removed from YouTube, you can watch it on Fox News HERE.

Kerry’s remarks brought almost instantaneous ridicule on social media.  Fox News reported that Kerry’s claim that people would “feel better” about Russia if it cut emissions was quickly dubbed “embarrassing beyond words.”

“I had to listen to this three times to make sure Kerry really said this. And he did. Embarrassing beyond words, and quite frankly, utterly offensive!” International Legal Forum CEO Arsen Ostrovsky posted on Twitter.

“This administration is a comedy skit,” Republican strategist Caleb Hull remarked.

Senator Ted Cruz, agreed, “At this point, the Biden admin is like a continuous SNL skit.”

“These people are raving lunatics,” Senator Tommy Tuberville, declared.

Radio host Buck Sexton similarly commented, “The insane gibberish of a climate fanatic.”

Conservative pundit Ian Haworth wrote, “I’d feel better about John Kerry if he made a greater effort to reduce his emissions.”

Kerry has previously come under fire after saying that a key consequence of the ongoing Ukraine war stemming from Russia’s invasion last year is increased global greenhouse gas emissions.

“Lots of parts of the world are exacerbating the problem right now, but when you have bombs going off, and you have damage to septic tanks or to power centres, etcetera, you have an enormous release of greenhouse gas, methane, all of the family of greenhouse gasses and the result is it’s adding to the problem,” Kerry said during a July 2023 interview with MSNBC.

In response to Kerry’s MSNBC interview, Buck Sexton tweeted: “Every time Kerry speaks, there’s an ‘enormous release of gas’.”

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