Journalist Who Said Sweden’s No-Go Zones Are Safe Gets Shot In No-Go Zone

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Journalist who claimed no-go zones in Sweden were safe is shot in a no-go zone

A journalist who claimed that Sweden’s no-go zones were safe was shot on Sunday evening after visiting a no-go zone. 

The former journalist for Swedish publicly funded broadcaster SVT was shot in the suburb of Tensta – a heavily migrant populated suburb in the Swedish capital. reports:  He was found on the ground outside and quickly rushed to a hospital where it was discovered he had been shot in the leg but did not suffer from life-threatening injuries, Sveriges Radio reports.

According to the broadcaster, the man was well known in the area and had worked on diversity and democracy projects. SVT editor Geronimo Åkerlund said that the victim had worked as a researcher for the broadcaster from 2016 up until the spring of 2017 in Rinkeby, another notorious no-go area.

“He is not just a former employee, but a friend as well,” Åkerlund said. When asked if he thought the shooting might have anything to do with the work the 29-year-old was doing or had done for the broadcaster he said: “We do not see any connection at this time.”

Local Social Democratic politician Mohamed Nuur said he was concerned with the growing amount of violence in the area. “This shows that this has escalated to a higher level. in the past, it was just in criminal circles,” Nuur said.

“Yesterday a man who has done so much for the area has been targeted. It could happen to anyone. This is evidence that it has gone to hell, forgive my language,” he added.

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