Judge Rules ‘Psycho’ Newsom Abused His Position With COVID Order; Blocks Him Issuing Further Unconstitutional Orders

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Judge rules Gov. Newsom abused his position with unconstitutional orders

California Governor Gavin Newsom for the past 8 months has imposed the most draconian, unconstitutional Covid restrictions via executive orders.

Newsom is an authoritarian who has completely ignored the state legislature and locked down California with a staggering 57 executive orders.

Residents in the state have suffered under Newsom’s dictatorship since March.

In an attempt to curb Newsom’s dictatorial control over California, state lawmaker Kevin Kiley sued Newsom and a Northern California judge rebuked Newsom in a 9-page ruling on Monday.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Sutter County Superior Court Judge Sarah Heckman ruled one of the Covid executive orders issued by Newsom related to mail-in ballots overstepped his authority and encroached on the state legislature.

The judge barred Newsom “from exercising any power under the California Emergency Services Act which amends, alters, or changes existing statutory law or makes new statutory law or legislative policy.”

KUSI reported:

 A Northern California county judge on Monday preliminarily ordered Gov. Gavin Newsom to stop issuing directives related to the coronavirus that might interfere with state law.

[Judge] Heckman’s decision will become final in 10 days unless Newsom’s attorneys can raise new challenges. Newsom did not immediately comment or say if he will appeal.

The case centers on a single Newsom executive order in June requiring election officials to establish hundreds of locations statewide where voters can cast ballots in the November election. But lawmakers subsequently approved the same requirement, and the judge’s decision will have no effect on Tuesday’s election.

She acted in a lawsuit brought by Republican Assemblymen James Gallagher and Kevin Kiley, who said Newsom, a Democrat, was single-handedly overriding state laws in the name of keeping Californians safe.

“This is a victory for separation of powers,” the lawmakers said in a joint statement. Newsom “has continued to create and change state law without public input and without the deliberative process provided by the Legislature.”

Heckman wrote in a nine-page decision that the California Emergency Services Act “does not permit the Governor to amend statutes or make new statutes. The Governor does not have the power or authority to assume the Legislature’s role of creating legislative policy and enactments.”

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley explained today’s ruling against Newsom in an interview with KUSI News.



  1. What took so long, and why did the people not take action and remove this human excrement from office even by force if necessary?

    • Yeah, with all that ‘peaceful protesting’ and ‘peaceful looting’ going on, one would have thought some ‘peaceful’ burning down of certain buildings.

  2. The northern counties have been red for decades and this was a northern county judge. California is basically four states, and all four are run by the most populous one, which is the bay area communists. Remember the rodeo that was held last spring? that was a northern red county.

    Let’s ask Newsom why, of the thousands of charities, PG&E Power Co. gave 300k to his wife’s charity?

    Why did Newsom send 500 Million taxpayers dollars for Chinese made masks by BYD? Warren Buffet’s company, after Newsom said he wanted Warren Buffet to buy PG&E?

    Newsom is classic 2020 elitist aligned with China and the billionaire class.

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