Justin Trudeau Bans Government Workers From Using Word ‘Mother’

Fact checked
Justin Trudeau bans workers from using the word 'mother'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accelerated his war on the English language by insisting that government workers refrain from using words like “mother”.

In an attempt to promote gender inclusive language, Trudeau issued an order to the dictate to Service Canada – a major government department that deals with employment – instructing them to ban the words “mother”, “father”, “Mr.” and “Mrs.”

Dailycaller.com reports: Families Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said Wednesday the directive was helping the government staff “to adapt to the reality of 21st-century families.”

The order was given to Service Canada employees this January, who were instructed to use gender inclusive words that won’t betray “a perceived bias toward a particular sex or gender.”

Official Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer called the language fussiness “ridiculous.”

In a tweet, since retracted, Duclos informs the public: “In order to meet the expectations of its clientele, Service Canada has made some adjustments that allow the public to confirm how they wish to be addressed by Service Canada, to adapt to the reality of the 21st century.”

The Toronto Sun editorialized that,“these rules go beyond accommodation. What’s next? Federal legislation outlawing Mother’s Day? Stiff new penalties for retailers that put up Father’s Day displays in stores?”


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    • now that right there is witty!! 🙂 thanks for making me laugh when crapweasels like Trudy make me wanna cry

  1. Trudeau is the Obama of Canada. Trying his hardest to destroy the country. As a country where the citizens are poor, disgruntled and live in fear is much easier to get them to accept a dictatorship that promises to fix all the problems. While neglecting to mention that the people behind said dictatorship intentionally caused those problems.

    A happy, wealthy and productive country will never accept the removal of democracy. That’s why you need to steal their money, steal their food, and make them riot at the drop of a hat.

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