Kavanaugh Supporters ‘Deserve Miserable Deaths’ & ‘Castration’: Georgetown Professor

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A Georgetown University professor has come under fire for tweeting death threats against Republican Senators who are supporting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Professor Christine Fair tweeted that  “entitled white men” who are defending Kavanaugh deserve to have their corpses castrated and then fed to pigs.

The prominent professor had her account suspended from Twitter on Tuesday morning

RT reports: Professor C. Christine Fair tweeted a link to a video of Republican Senator Lindsey Graham speaking in support of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh who has been accused of a sexual assault which allegedly took place in 1982 while he was in high school.

Fair, who is an associate professor at Georgetown’s Security Studies program, said that Graham and other Republican senators were “justifying a serial rapist’s arrogant entitlement” — despite the fact that there is no evidence to support the claim that Kavanaugh is a “serial rapist.”

But Fair, whose Twitter account has since been suspended, didn’t stop there. The professor went on to write that the men defending Kavanaugh “deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps.”

“Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes”

Fair’s employer, Georgetown University, did not seem too bothered by Fair’s comments, however. In a statement given to the Daily Caller website, Georgetown said that the views of faculty members expressed in private capacities are “not the views of the University” and that the institution’s policy “does not prohibit speech based on the person presenting ideas or the content of those ideas, even when those ideas may be difficult, controversial or objectionable.” Georgetown said Fair was entitled to freedom of speech, but added that “classrooms and interaction with students be free of bias and geared toward thoughtful, respectful dialogue.”

Georgetown’s tepid response raised a few eyebrows online, with many saying that Fair should be fired at the very least. At least one user went as far as saying the university deserved to lose donor and alumni support.

Fair got away with extreme and problematic statements before. In 2017, former Georgetown professor Asra Nomani claimed that Fair had harassed her and sent her “hateful, vulgar” messages when she admitted she had voted for Donald Trump for president. Nomani wrote a letter of complaint about Fair to Georgetown in which she included images of tweets she said were sent to her by Fair.

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