Kim DotCom: Mueller Refused Evidence Proving Seth Rich Was DNC Leaker

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Kim DotCom reveals Mueller refused to see irrefutable evidence proving Seth Rich was DNC leaker, not Russia

Kim DotCom says Robert Mueller refused to see irrefutable evidence proving that DNC staffer Seth Rich was the source of the leaked emails released by WikiLeaks.

Kim DotCom’s lawyers sent a letter to Mueller saying he would testify under oath and provide comprehensive evidence to his team. reports: On Friday Kim DotCom responded to the latest Mueller indictments of another 12 Russian operatives.

Kim DotCom says the the evidence in the indictment doesn’t survive a giggle test. Kim DotCom added today’s indictment confirmed that Mueller cannot be trusted.

Kim DotCom: Deep State indictment against Russian DNC hackers is so light on evidence that the DOJ should place a Weight Watchers logo on the front page. #ZeroCalories

Mueller knows that his PR stunt will never be tested in Court. The ‘Russian Conspirators’ will never see a US Court room.

Kim DotCom: Deep State activities like this indictment against 12 Russians confirm the advise of my legal team. Special Counsel Mueller and the DOJ cannot be trusted. My team asked me not to provide my Seth Rich evidence without solid legal protections for me and my family. They were right!

Kim DotCom posted this out in March.

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