New World Order Plot To Kill Brexit Exposed By Senior MP

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New World Order plot to block brexit discovered

A New World Order plot to stop Brexit and sabotage attempts by Britain to exit the EU has been exposed by a senior MP.

Tory and Labour MPs are meeting up in secret in order to thwart and reverse Brexit plans, according to a new report. reports: They want Theresa May to make concessions with the customs union, immigration and the single market.

Apparently they want to set up a cross party Brexit Commission to find common ground between the parties.

Scottish Tory boss Ruth Davidson even broke ranks and said: “This isn’t going to be a Tory Brexit”.

A senior, unnamed minister is quoted as having told the Standard: “This is no longer a question just for Government. It is clear to me that Parliament will want to assert its role in a way it did not before.”

There’s one obvious bit of common ground, though – Britain voted to leave the EU, why don’t they start working towards that?

For some MPs, Brexit clearly doesn’t mean Brexit.


  1. The EU is going to do everything it can to stop Brexit because it goes against their NWO of control and destroying every culture. I sure hope Britain stays strong and continues on without any outside problems.

  2. Britain is destined to leave, and very soon as some majour event will force it to. This is a Biblical certainty.

  3. I voted for Brexit because I didnt understand the issues and I am an evil racist and a dickhead. thank you politicians and media. Even though I wanted to BREXIT for decades, I still looked at the sad campaigns for remain and leave,. It does seem rather as if the media and politicians did not understand what remain and leave meant. BTW, I am still a racist and a dickhead. Strange how many racists want MASS immigration and strange how many Brexiteers are lovely with their neighbours who are foreign.

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