Pelosi Claims That Republicans Want ‘Cancer For Our Veterans’

Fact checked
Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has claimed that Republicans want “cancer for our veterans” while giving tax cuts to the rich.

“For the Republicans to go the floor and say, ‘your veterans really don’t want this help with this health because it’s going to cost money,’ the House Speaker said about a proposed bill that would designate respiratory illnesses as connected to toxic exposures related to military action.

Pelosi continued: “And they more concerned about the budget than they are about their health….Oh really, you just gave tax cuts in 2007 to the richest people in America – tax cuts for the rich, cancer for our veterans – that’s how we see this discussion.”

Breitbart reports: Pelosi’s accusation comes after President Biden proposed the House initiative during his State of the Union Address.

“I’m calling on Congress: pass a law to make sure veterans devastated by toxic exposures in Iraq and Afghanistan finally get the benefits and comprehensive health care they deserve,” Biden said, dubbing the potential government expenditure as “a sacred obligation to equip all those we send to war and care for them and their families when they come home.”

The bill would cost $300 billion over ten years, which has reportedly caused some Senators to oppose.

“Don’t even talk to us about the price,” Pelosi continued. “This is a cost of war that we should recognize … it’s going to be worth it. But it’s going to have a big price tag.”


  1. in other words the rich get richer off of weapons and war and the poor get the grave yard same old same old

  2. Career politicians, like her, are the most vile people. Some manage to maintain decency in smaller countries but in large democracies, no. They become entrenched in an abhorrent system of deceit lies distortion patronising rhetoric and platitudes.

  3. The mandated vax they did to the veterans, will result in soft tissue cancers with in the next 3 years.

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