Kim Foxx Admits She Did Not ‘Formally’ Recuse Herself from Smollett Hoax

Fact checked
Kim Foxx failed to recuse herself from Smollett case

Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx did not “formally” recuse herself from the Jussie Smollett case, her office has admitted in a statement Thursday.

According to Foxx’s office, they used the term “recuse” in a “colloquial” sense rather than a legal sense when she left the case in February.

Information Liberation reports:

Foxx announced Feb. 19 that she was leaving the case, clarifying later that her decision stemmed from her contact with a relative of Smollett. But Thursday’s statement said Foxx’s decision was not based “on any actual conflict of interest,” implying that Foxx was concerned about the appearance of a conflict.

“Instead, in an abundance of caution, she informally separated herself from the decision-making over the case and left it to her First Assistant State’s Attorney Joe Magats, a 29-year veteran prosecutor,” the statement added. “Although we used the term ‘recuse’ as it relates to State’s Attorney Foxx’s involvement in this matter, it was a colloquial use of the term rather than in its legal sense.”

This was a monumental fraud pulled on the public.

Fox News reported Wednesday that Foxx’s office sent out an internal email asking “assistant state’s attorneys to dig for any examples to bolster Foxx’s claim that the dropped charges in the Jussie Smollett case weren’t as uncommon or shocking as they seemed.”

I’m sure Joe Biden loves seeing our “English jurisprudential culture” scrapped like this!