Lawyer Says Sanders Will Be POTUS As Lawsuit Ready To File

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A meticulous, detailed lawsuit exposing electoral fraud in eleven states promises to "save democracy" and offer Bernie Sanders the chance to become President.

A meticulous, detailed lawsuit exposing alleged electoral fraud in eleven states and promising to “save democracy” could still alter the landscape of the presidential race.  Cliff Arnebeck has written an open letter to Bernie Sanders – who endorsed Hillary Clinton, but did not concede his presidential candidacy – infoming him that the Justice Served team will be “filing suit later this week to prove in court the extent of Karl Rove’s skilful manipulation of our votes.”

Slated to be filed by the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity, the lawsuit presents evidence of statistically impossible differences between exit polls and electronic vote totals.

Bernie Sanders Cliff Arnebeck

We are going to be filing a racketeering lawsuit under the Ohio racketeering law, the strongest in the country and we can bring in every state, our RICO statute is coextensive with the federal RICO statute … So they’re nailed,” explained Cliff Arnebeck, an election attorney who chairs the Legal Affairs Committee of Common Cause Ohio and is national co-chair for the Alliance of Democracy.

The lawsuit website reports:

Lawyers Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis, involved with the case, will prove Bernie’s WIN is irrefutable. To win, takes precise strategy, diligence, and patience.

Just like Clinton’s email investigation has been a lengthly process, what we are doing at is MASSIVE and as such, takes time. Most of the evidence must also be withheld or we would not win the case. Thank you for your understanding and your patience in this matter.

Cliff’s experience with cases like this is that they have been filed and completed within a (few) days when time is of the essence, which we all know it is.

OUR PLAN – we are currently compiling the evidence in an easy to understand format, so that we can make copies of the evidence and give that evidence to every Bernie delegate who is going to the Democratic National Convention. We will distribute this information immediately following the filing of our lawsuit and compiling of the information in a clear and concise way. Connecting and unifying all the delegates nationwide and getting them this information needs to be a speedy process. Your help in this effort would be greatly appreciated!

The passion and dedication of our campaign is unlike any other our country has ever come close to exhibiting. We are making history! Bernie WILL BE our next POTUS!

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