Limbaugh: New Zealand Shooter a ‘Leftist’ Who Staged Attack to Frame Conservatives

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Rush Limbaugh claims New Zealand shooter was a leftists who staged attack to frame conservatives

American radio host Rush Limbaugh claims New Zealand shooter Brenton Tarrant is actually a left-wing operative who staged the attack to frame conservatives.

According to Limbaugh, Tarrant is a “leftist who writes the manifesto and then goes out and performs the deed purposely to smear his political enemies.”

“You just can’t — you can’t immediately discount this,” Limbaugh added. “The left is this insane, they are this crazy.” reports: Tarrant, who was in Pakistan just five months ago – amid what he wrote was two years of planning for Thursday’s massacre, posted a lengthy manifesto before the shooting in which he declared his desire to exploit racial, cultural and political divisions in the United States.

At three points in his manifesto, the shooter also states his intention to spark a civil war in the United States by triggering crackdowns on the Second Amendment. In his laundry list of motivations, the shooter spends the most amount of time discussing this goal, which he believes will ultimately lead to a “fracturing” of the U.S. along “cultural and racial lines.” –Breitbart

“With enough pressure the left wing within the United States will seek to abolish the second amendment, and the right wing within the U.S. will see this as an attack on their very freedom and liberty,” reads the manifesto.

The shooter expresses both white supremacist sentiments, while also describing himself as a socialist “depending on the definition,” and an “Eco-fascist” – declaring his support for “environmentalism,” “worker’s rights,” and “responsible markets.” The manifesto goes on to describe Antifa, communists and Marxists as “anti-white scum.” He also identifies black conservative Candace Owens as the “person that has influenced me above all,” and told viewers in a video to “subscribe to PewDiePie,” a comedian and video game streamer who has come under fire for racially divisive bits.

Before committing the massacre, Tarrant inscribed political messaging on his weapons invoking Hitler, mass migration and the Battle of Tours – in which Frankish and Burgundian forces repelled invading Islamic forces of the Umayyad Caliphate.

Possibly fuelling the “leftist” theory Limbaugh raised is evidence that Tarrant visited Pakistan in October, as confirmed by the New York Times – staying at the Osho Thang Hotel. Owner Syed Israr Hussain said “He was normal and polite during his stay,” adding “There was nothing out of the ordinary.”

While there, he appears to have posted over Hussein’s social media account, where he wrote of the 97% Muslim country:

“Hello everyone my name is Brenton Tarrant and I am visitong [sic] pakistan for the first time. Pakistan is an incredible place filled with the most earnest, kind hearted and hospitable people in the world, and the beauty of hunza and nagar valley in autumn cannot be beat.”

“Unfortunately many tourists are choosing other countries due to the stress, difficulty and steep requirements of obtaining a Pakistani visa.”

“Hopefully in the near future the Pakistani government and Mr Imran Kahn will make the necessary changes to the visa program so to encourage tourism and make it viable once more for the world to come and experience the beauty of Pakistan.”

Trump on white nationalism

President Trump on Friday told reporters in the Oval Office that he doesn’t think white nationalism is a rising threat – telling reporters “I think it’s a small group of people who have very, very serious problems.”

“If you look what happened in New Zealand, perhaps that’s the case. I don’t know enough about it yet,” he added.

Limbaugh’s comments below:

The idea that there is far more crazed right-wing terrorism in America than there is any other kind is nothing more than a media narrative manufactured out of whole cloth, and it’s just waiting for events like this to take place, and this is what happens, folks. I don’t know, you probably get up and you see this news story and you just — in addition to all of the emotion you have over the sheer shock, terror, and horror of it all, then you realize you’re going to face a whole day of the politicization of it. You realize you’re going to face a whole day of Donald Trump being blamed for it, or you being blamed for it, or things you believe in being blamed for it.

Another thing that happens here when these events happen, you have all kinds of speculation that erupts. And there is an ongoing theory — Mr. Snerdley, correct me if I’m wrong about this. There’s an ongoing theory that the shooter himself may in fact be a leftist who writes the manifesto and then goes out and performs the deed purposely to smear his political enemies, knowing he’s going to get shot in the process. You know you just can’t — you can’t immediately discount this. The left is this insane, they are this crazy. And then if that’s exactly what the guy is trying to do then he’s hit a home run, because right there on Fox News: “Shooter is an admitted white nationalist who hates immigrants.”


  1. Don’t Trust the Story from the #FakeNews #Fearfactory #Freakshow, They are leaving out important Idelogy if the Attacker and #FakeNews is Cherry Picking & Colors picking & Pimping Anti-Social Narrtives. The New Zealand Attacker has Alt.Left Antifa & AOC Idelogy. He is a Socialist and Communist who ideal Goverment was China. His Idelogy, Environmentalism & LibtardIsm are Not Conservative

  2. The attack in new zealand was horrific too be sure, but i have something even more horrific! My wife and i have been noticing that Homeless people are becoming a rare sight in the cities we have visited. One night there there, and the next night thier not. Their belongings are there in their baskets , but their gone!!! , now too go along with that is the fact, that people have been photographing Processing plants near the mexican border, with so-called( unknown ), meat waste near it, now i know for a fact their not re-locating the homeless , except in a few isolated cases, so where are the people going? Also so i was told by someone in the know, that Human meat was found in a Mc-Donalds freezer years ago., and too make it even worse, the bone fragments were those of a child!!!!!!! So you please put 2 and 2 together. Where are the tens of thousands if not a million homeless people going too? Yes New Zealands slaughter was horrific, but remember that it was more likely a ,( false flag ), event sponsored by the very same ones, who created the 2008 crash, too create the homelessness , who btw are now missing!!! Is it starting to make sense? These are MONSTERS that are in power, and they not only DONT care about you, they might even want too eat you!!!, and im not joking about that, with some of the famous actors, and actresses, admitting on T.V. , that they EAT human flesh on a regular basis , and they love it!!! So go ahead, give up your gun rights, trust the Government too protect you and your family, who knows , maybe later they will serve YOU up on their dinner plates!!!! YUM YUM.

    • yep..the homeless are ending up in Maccas burgers I reckon you are right…….I wonder if they are in our burgers here in Australia too??…. hmm food for thought….lol..whoops

  3. Its gonna happen here in Australia too… when it happens here it will make Crouilla incident look like a walk in the park. Aussies are slow dopey lazy people but when they get their back up and have had enough…LOOKOUT… The shit will hit the fan… and their will be blood once again… I however wont get involved. Our country is fucked now and not really worth fighing for…..but mark my words…The shit WILL soon hit the fan here ..on another note… why did it take an Aussie to sort New Zealands muslim bullshit out for the Kiwis?.. fuken kiwis….lol..pissants.. by the way…. I wont hel pany of you.. fuck you …lol

  4. The Manifesto clarifies his actions. Crystal clear. If you do want to read it then just don’t comment about it unless you want to sound totally uninformed and become part of fake news.

    My conclusions on the Manifesto…. The Bible says ” do not labor in vain ” and ” Love God with all your might “. Jesus Christ said that I am the Light of the World and to place your trust in Him. He is the Light of the world and through Him is Life eternal.

    WWG1WGA and this Australian is not one of US. He is just a product of the world that has a brain without a soul.

  5. Q warned us of these coming events, so it should come as no surprise. The Fake News Media has their ‘red meat’ which they will run with ‘ad nauseum’.

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