TV Interview W/ London’s Cereal Killer Cafe Owner Causes Backlash – Why?

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In an interesting and novel idea, Gary Keery opened up a cafe in one of London’s poorest neighborhoods that sells bowls of cereal for over £3.20 a bowl (or a little over $5.00 US).

It’s thriving.

However, in a recent interview, when he was asked a question about the Cereal Killer Cafe by the interviewer for Channel 4, Keery cut the interview short.


In an article titled “Cereal Killer Cafe owner says he’s too busy curing Ebola to lower prices” [1], the UK Independent explains:

In an open letter on the Cereal Killer Cafe’s Facebook page, co-owner Gary Keery responded to an interview he cut short with Channel 4 News after being asked how he married having a business in one of London’s poorest areas with selling cereal at £3.20 a bowl.

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Both Keery and reporter Symeon Brown came in for criticism over the interview, filmed on the café’s launch day.

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Belfast-born Keery, who set up the café with his identical twin brother Alan, cut short the interview because “I don’t like the questions that you’re asking me”.

In his Facebook post, Keery said he felt the interview was “completely unfair”, and questioned how poverty and property prices in London could be blamed on a small business owner.

[quote style=”default”]I still have to pay over the top rent for my premises and pay the 12 staff I have employed so I either have to make profit or I will be out of business. Maybe if I charged over £3 for a coffee and dodged all the taxes in this country like some cafés – the reporters would leave me alone would they? If you want someone to solve the poverty crises in London I don’t think I’m the man to do that as I am too busy trying to cure Ebola and get Kim Kardashian to keep her clothes on. Also you didn’t even pay me for the cereal which you could so easily afford with your overpriced river island suit so I will send you a bill for the extortionate £3.20.[/quote]



[1] Cereal Killer Cafe owner says he’s too busy curing Ebola to lower prices

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