Lindsey Graham: AOC’s Squad Are ‘a Bunch of Communists’

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Senator Lindsey Graham blasts AOC squad as a bunch of Communists

Senator Lindsey Graham has slammed AOC’s ‘Squad’ of far-left Democrats as “a bunch of communists.”

Speaking in defense of President Trump, the South Carolina Senator tore into Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and her so-called ‘Squad’ of freshman Democrats during an appearance on Fox & Friends on Monday.

President Trump came under fire after a series of Sunday tweets criticized the far-left wing of the Democratic party for their anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

“Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” Trump tweeted.

Trump’s remarks led to a firestorm of criticism from the Democratic Party, with many accusing the President of being “racist.” As a result, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Monday a resolution to condemn Trumps “xenophobic” tweet towards the freshmen congresswomen. reports: A close ally of the president, Graham went on the attack against Ocasio-Cortez and Omar, accusing Omar of being “anti-Semitic,” and calling the representatives a “bunch of communists,” while also advising Trump to “aim higher” in his criticism.

“We all know AOC and this crowd are a bunch of communists they hate Israel, they hate our own country. Calling guards along our border, Border Patrol agent concentration camp guards,”  Graham said.

Graham also called the agenda of Ocasio-Cortez and the Democrats “disgusting,” but said Trump should focus on the group’s unpopular policy ideas.

“I think they’re American citizens duly-elected running on an agenda that is disgusting, that the American people will reject,” Graham said. “Make them the face of the future of the Democratic Party.”

“You will destroy the Democratic Party,” the senator concluded.


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