Lindsey Graham Demands US Escalate Israel-Hamas War and ‘Blow Iran Off The Map’

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Sen. Lindsey Graham is urging the Biden administration to “hit Iran” and “blow it off the map” while escalating the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The South Carolina neoconservative said he instructed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin not to show “weakness” and make clear what the U.S. red lines for a retaliatory attack are.

“Without Iran there are no Houthis,” Graham told Fox News on Wednesday. “The Houthis are completely backed by Iran. I have been saying for six months now…hit Iran. They have oil fields out in the open, they have the Revolutionary Guard headquarters you can see from space. Blow it off the map.”

Graham continued: “If you really want to protect American soldiers, make it real to the ayatollah [that if] you attack a solider through a proxy, we’re coming after you.”

Graham’s comments follow attacks by Iran-backed militias on U.S. troops in the region. According to Newsweek, there have been more than 100 attacks on troops in Iraq and Syria this year.

It’s not the first time Graham has called for an urgent escalation of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In October the South Carolina senator demanded the US must escalate the Israel-Hamas war by launching an urgent attack on various enemies in the Middle-East including Hamas and Iran and drawing Russia and China into the war.

Graham explained that peace in the world will not be achieved unless the US approaches the conflict as another world war.

Appearing on CNN Tuesday, Graham claimed that the threat Hamas poses will require an exhaustive approach from the US that he likened to how Hitler was defeated to end World War II.

ccording to Graham, the US is responsible for leading this military action.

“It’s going to take a destruction of Hamas like we destroyed the Third Reich and a reoccupation to get a new generation of people who really do buy into peace. And as long as Iran goes unchecked, nothing changes.”

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