M.I.A: ‘If Alex Jones Pays For Lying, Shouldn’t Every Celebrity Pushing Vaccines Pay Too?’

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Rapper and singer M.I.A. has blasted Big Pharma and the celebrities who pushed Covid-19 vaccines on the masses in recent years, stating that if Alex Jones is forced to “pay for lying,” celebrities who shilled the vaccine should be held to account too.

The veteran rapper and singer, who had a Billboard number 1 single with Travis Scott earlier this year, weighed in on the nearly $1 billion damages Infowars host Alex Jones has been ordered to pay to families of Sandy Hook victims.

A Connecticut court on Wednesday slapped Alex Jones with a $965 million verdict for claiming the 2012 massacre was staged by actors as part of a conspiracy to take away Americans’ guns.

M.I.A. has always followed the beat of her own drum, and took to Twitter to ask why some people can get away with lying, even when the evidence continues to mount against them.

“If Alex Jones pays for lying shouldn’t every celebrity pushing vaccines pay too?” she tweeted.

As the coronavirus spread in March 2020, M.I.A. announced her opposition to the experimental jabs on social media, saying “If I have to choose the vaccine or chip I’m gonna choose death.”

When a follower called her out for being an “anti vaxxer,” the rapper responded by sharing a personal story from her own life regarding a vaccine injury suffered by her son.

“Yeah in America they made me [vaccinate] my child before the school admission. It was the hardest thing. To not have choice over this as a mother. I never wanna feel that again. He was so sick for 3 weeks then Docs had to pump him with antibiotics to reduce the fever from 3 vaxins.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. They dont get anywhere in show business by following their own drum unless someone wants that beat played now. It’s either convenient for them to use her now and she’s sincere, and just stupid, or she’s a stooge.

  2. The way that “father” was laughing before he started his crying act suggests Alex was right. The top down footage of people entering and leaving the building in a loop says Alex was right.

    Who’s getting the billion dollars from the lawsuit anyways? The crisis actors? Their employer?

  3. Steroids reduce inflammation not anti biotics. Anti biotics treat infections. What infection did he have? They pumped him with anti biotic to destroy his immune system while they waited for the inflammation to subside naturally, because the body does that, regulates that by achieving homeostasis usually anyway.

        • TRUE you get inflammation when you have a infection.Many times you don`t even know you have a infection until you see the swelling/inflammation

        • OR a bump or water blister or a cancer.It is a sign of some problem true but not always a reaction to infections or toxics.But a infection is only a infection unless it turns into cancer left unchecked or loss of that area as infections from germs turn into cancer from viruses left unchecked.VIRUS also causes INFLAMMATIONS and sometimes and all of the above EMT medical class is over RIGHT?

    • Steroids don`t reduce inflammations(SWELLING) antibiotics Treat some infections (REDNESS)sometimes but about anytime you get a bad infection you get inflammation both swelling and redness.But sometimes inflammation is not a infection true but due to some other problem.A bump/ water on a knee CANCER

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