Mad Maxine: Trump ‘Emboldened’ Officer Charged With George Floyd’s Murder

Fact checked
Maxine Waters says President Trump emboldened the officer charged with murdering George Floyd

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has yet again blamed President Trump for the death of George Floyd, who died after a Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck while in custody.

Appearing Saturday on MSNBC, Rep. Waters decided to stoke the fire amid widespread unrest around the country.

Transcript as follows:

ANCHOR: Tell me congresswoman whether or not you think the influence of the president is the primary factor, is it an abetting factor? These things that have gone on with black folk and law enforcement are not new of January 20, 2017. How much do you put this directly on the president, and how much of this deep systemic stuff that we haven’t quite dealt with yet?

REP. MAXINE WATERS: It’s a combination of both. This president has certainly been responsible for dog-whistling for much of that constituency that empowers him and tells them get tough and he tells police officers to be rough on those that they arrest. He has basically undermined John Lewis, one of our civil rights leaders in Congress, and talking about his district by basically saying we live in rat holes. He has disparaged blacks in so many ways. All that stuff about loving blacks is so disingenuous. Nobody believes that. He’s such a liar. He cannot be trusted. And yes, I think he has emboldened those who are racist. He’s emboldened police officers to be nastier, tough, to do things like the chokehold. I believe all of that.


  1. Loudmouthed Maxine who has been paid off by her handler George Soros should be investigated & put in Jail – if she doesn’t fit , send her to Gitmo where she belongs

    • Hey lady, if your gonna wear the mask, at least wear it correctly as you expect the rest of us to do.

    • Maxine Waters who lives in a million dollar mansion while the people in her district live in poverty and homelessness while she does nothing to help them – corruption at its finest. Maxine Waters(gate)’s heart is so hard that all she can do is hate therefore all she can do is lie, lying is a way of life for her. Sad!

  2. Look at her with her stupid mask that doesnt even filter viruses trying to look ” informed ,” What a poseur. Even on Google you cab find a ” Google dr ” ( maybe theres 2 then ?) who will tell you that they dont wear and are only to protect the surgeons from the bacteria emanating from the diseased organism they have under the knife. That they dont protect the patient from the wearer cause they dont even fit tight anyway

    • Should read they dont work ,not wear and a good dr maybe theres 2 ?I’ve seen about 35 and havent found one yet .

  3. So apparently since she said ‘I believe that’ she didn’t hear it herself. She either fabricated it in her anti-Trump mind or heard it from someone else, which would be hearsay. A woman in her position should know better.

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