Maher on Far-Left Dems: Obama “Is Not Woke Enough Now”

Fact checked
Bill Maher criticizes Democrats for not finding Obama 'woke' enough anymore

Bill Maher has criticized the Democratic presidential candidates for their attacks on President Obama during the debates.

Maher mocked the notion that Obama “is not woke enough” and suggested their constant far-left talking points will help elect President Trump at the 2020 election.

Maher said, “The Democratic candidates went after the president hard. Unfortunately, the president was Obama. … The guy with the 97% approval rating among the Democrats, his shit is not woke enough now. Trump saw that, he called Putin. He said, I got this one.”

He joked, “Trump saw that, he called Putin, he said, ‘I got this one.’”

Maher mocked the “Joe 30330” gaff from Biden and also remarked, “It was a chance, of course, for viewers to hear 20 different versions of America. That was just from Kamala Harris.”


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