Oscar Statue Snorts Coke Ahead Of Oscars

Fact checked

A statue of the infamous Oscar figure was installed on Hollywood Boulevard by LA street Artist Plastic Jesus on Friday, just two days ahead of the Oscars ceremony on Sunday. 

The statue, which has since been removed, showed the giant Academy Award statue snorting cocaine and a plaque beneath it read “Hollywood’s best party”. 

Although it was likely an accurate portrayal of the entertainment industry in Hollywood, it was deemed offensive to some, or perhaps just a little too close to home?

Deathandtaxesmag.com report:

The statue was up for around five hours before Plastic Jesus removed it after a “grouchy old man started ranting about it.” That seems like a pretty weak reason to remove your scathing critique of Hollywood culture, but Plastic Jesus can do what he wants with his own art.

“I want to cause controversy about the issue, but I don’t want to cause controversy about the placement,” the artist explained. “I didn’t want a confrontation. The piece is out there. People have posted it. It got enough publicity to get people to think.”

This also seems like bullshit since the Oscars are only two days away and the statue just happened to be placed right near where the red carpet ceremony takes place. Oh, and Plastic Jesus also made a very similar piece last year that showed an Oscar statue injecting heroin, which was erected in almost the exact same spot.


Look, if you’re going to make blatantly obvious critiques with your art you should probably have the courage to leave it where it is instead of running away at the first sign of trouble.

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