Majority of COVID Patents in Hospital for Something Else – Media Blackout

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Majority of COVID patents in hospitals are being treated for something else

New data shows that over half of so-called ‘COVID patients’ in hospitals in the UK are actually being treated for something else.

According to official figures, 13,023 patients are in hospital with COVID as of Tuesday, but 6,767 are not being treated principally for the virus.

In other words, 52 per cent of hospital patients labelled as ‘COVID patients’ aren’t actually COVID patients at all. reports: In London, the number is even higer, with 64 per cent of ‘COVID’ patients in hospital for a different reason.

Back in September, the number of patients who were being counted as COVID patients despite being treated for something else stood at around 23 per cent, meaning the figure has risen by 29 per cent in four months.

“The growing proportion of patients who are in hospital “with” COVID rather than “for” it is another sign that the current wave of the virus has not led to the same sort of pressure on critical care as in previous waves,” reports Sky News.

As we previously highlighted, a significant number of these COVID patients also only caught COVID after entering hospital for a different ailment.

Figures from December showed that 65% of people described as ‘COVID patients’ only tested positive for COVID after being admitted to hospital for something else.

The issue of whether official hospital patient numbers and death tolls should differentiate between ‘with COVID’ and ‘by COVID’ has been hotly debated for many months.

By artificially inflating numbers by counting people who are in hospital for something else, technocrats and lockdown lobbyists in the media have more ammunition to demand more restrictive lockdown policies.


  1. And they’re stool. Fudging the death certificates too claiming everyone who tested positive for covid died from covid They didn’t at all.

    • Still. So basically they’re committing fraud and or misleading and or deceiving the public Apparently with assistance for their partners. That appears to be the logical deduction.
      And with legal mpunit and
      or assistance from the legal /moral authorities..
      Is the plague of corruption the real pandemic then? Or is it just same old same old?

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