Mariah Carey’s Siblings Claim Family Was Raised In ‘Satanic Worship Cult’ That Raped Children

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Pop star Mariah Carey posted a tweet Monday to celebrate meeting Hillary Clinton, whom she referred to as “President Clinton.”

Mariah Carey’s mother raised her children in a Satanic pedophile cult that engaged in “ritual sacrifices” and “sexual acts with adults and children“, according to Alison Carey, who said her mother mother allowed pedophiles to sexually abuse her at “Satanic worship meetings” when she was a child.

Mariah Carey’s sister Alison made the accusations against their mother, Patricia Carey, in a summons filed with the New York Supreme Court in February, according to Fox News

In the court documents, the 57-year-old claims her mother allowed men to engage in sexual acts with her when she was 10-years-old, and “made her witness people engaged in sexual acts with adults and children”.

Mariah Carey with her brother Morgan Carey, who has also confirmed he was taken as a young child to “Satanic worship meetings” that included sex between adults and children.

According to the court filings, the sexual abuse occurred during “middle-of-the-night satanic worship meetings that included ritual sacrifices”.

As a result of the above Plaintiff has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and major depression, leading her to misuse both legal and illegal drugs in an attempt to suppress the horrific memories, and to undergo extensive professional counselling,” the summons reads.

Alison now “demands compensatory money damages for immense psychological and physical damage, mental pain and anguish and intentional infliction of severe emotional distress”, the documents, filed in Ulster County, New York, read. 

According to Page Six, Alison is representing herself in the case, while her mother, a former opera singer, has not responded to the summons. 

Mariah Carey with her mother, Alison, a former opera singer.

Alison, who is estranged from her younger sister Mariah, claimed in an interview with The Sun that a “close family member” used to take her to Satanic pedophile worship ceremonies that included “rituals” in the early hours of the morning.

The ceremonies or rituals were always between 2am and 4am and they weren’t every week as far as I can remember – just certain dates,” she said, adding that “everyone would wear long robes with black hoods”.

Alison Carey says she was taken to Satanic pedophile worship ceremonies that included “rituals” as a young child.

Although Alison never saw Mariah at the gatherings she fears she may have been a victim too – after their brother Morgan also confirmed he was taken to the occult group as a young child.

“It sounds hard to believe and I have so many memories I wish I never had,” she said.

A close family member used to wake me up just before 2am and take me to an old hall that looked like a castle, which was a short walk from the church we used to attend in Huntington, New York.

The place is still there I could show you exactly where it is.

The ceremonies or rituals were always between 2am and 4am and they weren’t every week as far as I can remember – just certain dates.

“Everyone would wear long robes with black hoods and walk in twos across to this place.

“Inside they would start the rituals and they would be chanting in another language – I think Latin.

“I never understood what was going on – I remember there was some kind of a table or altar and they would chant and every one would stand in a circle. There would be around 20 people there – including children.

Then terrible things would happen – things that a child should never see,” she said.

I was sexually abused there. They told me that if I didn’t do what they told me or if I told them what was going on they would harm Mariah.

“Imagine being told that as a child? Of course I went along with what they said.

I think I was about six when I first remember going there and it went on for a few years.

“I never heard them say the word Satan but the whole thing was so evil, so wrong – I’m sure they were Satan worshippers.

“It was terrifying – something that has stayed with me my whole life.

“I don’t remember ever seeing Mariah because she was a lot younger than me but that’s not to say she wasn’t there. It’s impossible to say.”

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