Matt Gaetz: I’ll Quit Congress to Defend President Trump

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Matt Gaetz says he'll quit congress if he has to, in order to defend Donald Trump in impeachment trial .

Florida Rep. Mat Gaetz says he is prepared to give up his seat in the House in order to rigorously defend President Donald Trump during his upcoming impeachment trial.

During an interview on Steve Bannon’s “War Room Pandemic,” Gaetz confirmed that he and other patriotic lawmakers have discussed volunteering to defend Trump, but were informed by the House Ethics Committee that they would have to resign first.

This prompted Bannon to ask Gaetz, “Would you then step down from Congress? Would you resign in order to defend the president…the way you want to defend him?”

“I love my district,” Gaetz responded. “I love representing them, but I view this cancelation of the Trump presidency and the Trump movement as one of the major risks to my people both in my district and all throughout this great country.”

“Absolutely, if the president called me and wanted me to go defend him on the floor of the Senate, that would be the top priority in my life,” Gaetz added, reiterating, “I would leave my House seat, I would leave my home, I would do anything I had to do to ensure that the greatest president in my lifetime—one of the greatest presidents our country has ever had, maybe the greatest president our country has ever had—got a full-throated defense that wasn’t crouched down.” reports: In reaction to Gaetz’s comments, Democratic Rep. Brendan Boyle (Pa.) joked on Twitter, “I strongly support my colleague Matt Gaetz doing this.”

President Trump was impeached by the House last month on his way out of office, on one charge of inciting an insurrection after a mob of his supporters stormed the Capitol building Jan. 6 following a rally where he spoke in protest of the outcome of the election won by now-President Joe Biden.

But the former president hit a stumbling block with his representation.

The Washington Examiner reported:

The former president is being represented by David Schoen and Bruce Castor. Trump announced his new counsel over the weekend after his previous legal team quit, allegedly due to a dispute over legal strategy. The former president supposedly wanted to focus his defense around the promotion of unverified claims of election fraud in the 2020 election, which have been overwhelmingly refuted in court. The attorneys wanted to address the legality of prosecuting a president who has left office.


  1. Trump needs allies it’s true. But it won’t be much of a sacrifice to leave Congress with more than half the Chamber spitting at you and laughing off your proposals. Not too long before Pensacola goes Blue in any event.

      • Why vote for the current crop of Republicans? They did not shield Trump from the reckless lies and investigations of Russia Gate, the Ukraine-gate impeachment farce. Republicans didn’t demand investigations of the corruption at the FBI, the Clinton Mafia or the Biden’s? Now they cower just hoping to retain their seats. Thanks.

        • Howdy Natural_Texan. Simply make your vote count in the Primary and dump the Republicans who didn’t support Trump.

          Pay attention to who is running for the school board, and who is teaching your kids that Socialism is wonderful and Capitalism and the US is bad.

          Republicans need to spend the next 60 years teaching our kids that Socialism is bad. Where do you think all these Socialist Democrat Politicians, reporters, government administers, Hollywood actors, CEOs, and Democrat voters came from? They all came from our filthy Socialist high school teachers. It will take decades to fix.

  2. Is he an idiot ? Unbelievable As if any Defense would make any difference The outcome is prearranged Its nit a trial Its a sentencing Trump has no hope at all No more than any of the prisoners taken by the paris mob or the bolsheviks He has been so completely framed and the house only needs two thirds to convict him and they’ve got about 90 % already. But he might as well quit because only frauds would stay in that house anymore .Birds of a feather .

  3. Don’t leave Mat. We need as many patriots as possible with actual spines in congress. It’s clear that most Republicans, including Mumbles McConnell, McCarthy and my own 2 senators, Braun and Young are nothing but useless back-stabbing cowards. Please stay and speak truth to power as long as possible.

    • he is an actor, not a patriot. They are all actors on a big ass movie set. Crenshaw reads the computer with his eye patch flipped up. this is the unfortunate truth. 1 in 100 people are born psychopaths. the central bank hunts them out early in life and grooms them to be on their team.

      • Howdy Christian Lords. And 4 in 100 are Sociopaths. That’s why we all cringe at a Democrat Party Centralized Socialist government that puts all the political power into the hands of just a few.

        So even if you believe that all politicians are horrible people, you will still want to support the ones who fight a Centralized Socialist government.

        What exactly do you want? All good people to stop voting for anyone? I say this with respect and with no animosity or sarcasm; with that philosophy, you will help everyone if you started supporting the Democrat Party. You would be able to make a serious contribution to America.

        • I have come to find out, there are Democommies and controlled opposition, and maybe they let one or two nieve true elected officials in.
          But the republican party has proved itself over and over and over and over again, they are paper tigers, lame, useless, enabling. wake up.
          we need to hang both parties for treason. they are representing the owners of the federal reserve bank. They are all black mailed, and compromised some how. they are told how to vote and what to say.

          • Howdy Christian Lords. God knows I agree with you. But think about your reaction and the message it sends to all the other Republican Politicians. A few guys who want to fix the Republican Party get stepped on, and when their best efforts fail, you denigrate them. What kind of a message does that send out to anyone wanting to try again? What message does it send to the Politicians already elected? I’ll tell you what it does. It tells them to not make waves and just collect their paychecks. It tells them that there is no percentage in fixing anything.

            Yes, Trump and many of his followers got stepped on. And many of them are considering doing exactly what you are calling for. Abandon ship! But that’s simply not the answer. Fix the problem by challenging the Rhino Republicans in their Primary elections. Scare the timid into falling in line or get removed in the Primaries. Then eventually get rid of them too. Get Republicans in local elections – school boards, dog catchers, Mayors, and for God’s sake – teachers. The Democrats spent 60 years getting to where they are by doing just that. And it takes support, and I don’t just mean money.

            THAT’S how you fix the problem of the Federal Reserve Bank.

          • How controlled opposition works in the media. Operation mockingbird is still on going, regardless of the law.
            Tucker for instance, has been talking the conservative line for years. He has gathered a substantial audience of conservatives over the years. People have grown to trust him. Tucker revealed his true mission as a agent of controlled opposition after this fake election. Since he established himself as a staunch conservative and Trump supporter over the years, people wanted to hear what he had to say about the election results.
            Well, good ol “fair” Tucker just could not see any evidence of election fraud. “Sorry to my audience, I just don’t see it, and you know what a fair conservative I am”
            They deployed Tucker to calm his conservative audience and to derail the move to investigate the voter fraud.
            Tucker is an actor, reading a script. His purpose is to lead conservatives a certain manageable direction so the NWO agenda can be achieved.
            Establish trust, then use that trust when needed. This is the purpose of Fox and other controlled opposition.
            Tucker lost a lot of confidence with a good portion of his audience, and they are now implementing recovery strategy, so they can deploy him again at a critical time.
            It will work, people will forget the betrayal Tucker the actor did. Instead of doing stories about the election fraud allegations and proving or disproving them, he just pretty much didn’t look into it avoided it and diminished the possibility of such an outrageous allegation.
            Tucker sucks and I will never watch him.

  4. try defending the constitution. Forget about Trump, he didn’t do what needed to be done, when he had the chance. God will dismantle this take over.
    Psychopaths’ have loyalty only to themselves. This is programmed in their DNA, this is why they continue to fail time after time.
    Don’t look for Trump to fight your battles for you, for as all we know he was a trick. The end result is that the swamp got so much more power.
    Fear not, God will step in and these demons will destroy itself from with in. As long as we seek God as a collective whole. If not we will all rot.

    • Confidence in a rot-free environment is not that high, then.

      Remember, we Christians are merely a remnant of the population as a whole, and we always have been.

      And I’ve been praying for, and waiting for God to “step in” from November 3rd to Jan 20th.

      Still waiting… praying… waiting… locking… loading… waiting…

    • Howdy Christian Lords. In Vietnam your average GI chased after one of 5 different things. Women, boys, alcohol, drugs, or Jesus. Our monthly salary was equivalent to what the average Vietnamese made in a year. Picture your average high school kid making $720,000 a year. So whatever the kid wanted, that amount of money could make it available.

      One thing I noticed about the kids chasing Jesus. When under fire, none of them – and I mean none of them – dismissed the enemy fire with phrases like, “God will step and save me”. All of them took cover and found the deepest part of their little fire trench.

      If you want to be stoic and dismiss President Trump, or any of the other people fighting America’s drift toward Satanic Socialism, that’s entirely your affaire. But if you are waiting for that perfect man, complete with attached halo, who can dictate away all our problems; then you are of no use to anyone. President Trump was the only Republican in history who ever DARED to point a finger back at the Democrat propaganda machine and publicly call them liars. He stepped into a political buzz saw that all the other Politicians always cower in the corner from. We need many more Politicians like President Trump. Thousands of them. People who love America, not hate it.

      • I was all behind Trump. Did he go after the clintons? no. When he was proved innocent of the Russian BS, did he go after the 7th floor? no they are running the FBI now. he appointed John Bolton for God sake. Pompeo? let Flynn get attacked for three years and not jumping after a time and put a stop to it? I can go on and on how he was actionless on key issues. I thinking he was a trick. Albert Pyke said, “Give the people their Hero”. look at the end game, the swamp is stronger than ever. seated power in the FBI, CIA, Congress, Senate, Executive branch, Scotus. Dude , we are more screwed than every in history. Was Trump Tricked? or was he a Trick? I honestly don’t know. at this point it doesn’t matter.

        • Howdy Christian Lords. But it does matter. Yes, Trump was stepped on, but he galvanized the Republican base more than any other Politician since Reagan. In two years there is going to be a series of Primary elections. Some of the Rhino Republicans are going to get kicked and replaced by Republicans who will fight the swamp. The mistake that the Republican voters made is thinking that a President, by himself, can fight the swamp. For 60 years Socialist teachers have been indoctrinating our future voters, reporters, Administrators, and CEOs. Socialist School boards have been providing educational tools that denigrate the US and the Culture that created it. For decades the Democrats have been selling the notion that Republicans Hate people of color. Neither Republican voters nor Politicians have ever even tried to push back on these critical propaganda tools. The result? Every Government Agency is inundated by Socialists. My God, the CIA was run by a Communist for a while (John Brennan).

          Complacent Republicans all allowed this to take place. Now a very large percentage of them are galvanized and determined to stop it.

          So if real Republican voters abandon the Republican Party, if Trump starts a new party, or if real Republican Congressmen start dropping out, yes – there will be no hope.

          You site the many errors made by a guy who had a layman’s knowledge of Politics, but who tried to fix it because he loved America. We need more Politicians who love America – not less. And yes, lets vote in some guys who are better at it than Trump was.

          You simply cannot appreciate the kinds of dilemmas that any President must face. For example, the religious sect in charge of Iran is the Shia. A cornerstone of their belief is the return of the Islamic al-Mahdi. This guy is the Islamic messiah who is supposed to reappear at the “end of time” and usher in an era of global Islamic justice; which is often referred to as the long awaited global Islamic Caliphate.

          Many cultures have similar beliefs. We Christians (at least some of them) believe Jesus will return, at the “end of time”.
          But a large portion of the ruling group in Iran are members of a subsect called the Hojjatieh. These people believe in a simple concept. If the Mahdi will only return at the “end of time”, meaning the destruction of the Muslim religion, why not “Force” the return of the Mahdi by creating a situation where the Muslim religion will be destroyed, unless the Mahdi returns to save it?

          Many people, myself included, believe the Hojjatieh could accomplish this goal by constructing a doomsday device. Yes, the myth is that a doomsday device is not possible. But for years I worked in the defense industry making missiles. I assure you. Iran can make one. It is doubtful that 100% of the people in the world would be killed. But I do think that between 75 to 90 percent of the population in the Northern Hemisphere would die.

          Inconceivable? Ever watch the movie Moses with Charlton Heston? It’s a depiction of a story in the Old Testament. At one point, Moses paints lams blood on the doors and windows of the slaves’ homes to protect them from the Angel of Death. Muslims also believe in the Old Testament, and they are true believers.

          So what does a President do? Does Iran plan to make such a device? Do we tell the world what’s gong on, or make a cover story? Do we invade before such a device is constructed? Do we sit back and wait until we are sure they are building it? Do we just bomb them or do we invade? Will the Political Party not in power claim we are overstepping our authority? What will Russia and China do if we invade? What will our allies do?

          China is taking possession of the entire South China Sea and Russia is taking possession of the Artic. 90 percent of our Asian allies’ fuel comes through the South China Sea, putting China into the position of being able to cut off that energy supply. How do we respond?

          What do we do about the immigration laws, the riots demanding the shutdown of the police forces, the election fraud, the pitiful state of our military? What do we do about the deep state operatives leaking negative stories to the press?

          I’m overwhelmed by the complete network of the deep state. It’s a wonder Trump got anything done at all.

          We don’t need Trump. We need thousands and thousands of people like Trump. People who love this country.

  5. Well…

    It seems I come all the way to this comments section to say what most of us are already saying. It warms the cockles of me ‘eart (wherever the hell they are) that I am in the best of company.

    Rock on, fellow patriots, rock on..! 🙂

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