Meghan Markle Giving Away Free Copies Of Her Book To ‘Nourish The Community’

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Meghan Markle

Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle has decided to share her wisdom and insight into the bonds forged by parenting by distributing 2,000 copies of her book The Bench to libraries and schools across the U.S. for free.

Markle and the Duke broke their self-imposed 20 weeks of parental leave to make sure that the announcement was made public.

Breitbart reports: The move by the former actress is part of her self-declared aim to deliver “creative activations,” and “drive systemic cultural change across all communities, one act of compassion at a time.”

The debut tome was released earlier this week, inspired by a poem she wrote for Prince Harry’s first Father’s Day the month after their son Archie was born.

The story details the “special bond between father and son” as “seen through a mother’s eyes.”

In a statement posted to Beverly Hills-based charity foundation Archewell, the couple said they had “received the support of the publisher of The Bench to distribute 2,000 copies at no cost to libraries, community centers, schools, and nonprofit programs across the country” to “help nourish the community through through learning and connection.”

Archewell is working in tandem with First Book, a nonprofit social enterprise that’s distributed more than 200 million books and educational resources to programs and schools serving kids in low-income communities in the United States and Canada.

Popular culture expert Nick Ede told the Daily Mail the Duchess of Sussex could have expected to be paid somewhere between $370,000 and $700,000 in advance to write the book.


  1. They could be used to start a fire for cooking, so they could actually help nourish a community!

  2. Does she think she’s mother goose laying her golden eggs? Or is she desperate for a tax dexuctuon?

  3. Im not sure the generational satanic ritual abuse of the royal family and their ideas on parenting would lighten anyones day

  4. Libraries here and I believe there too have to be given a copy of every book published or sold in the country And for free by the publisher.Thats why when they have their book sales you find all of the non politically correct for sale in as new ,often unopened still in the box condition. Cause theyve never been unwrapoed ..

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