Pfizer’s Anti Viral Covid Pill Approved By EU Watchdog

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pfizer covid pill

Pfizer’s oral covid treatment has received conditional approval by the European Medicines Agency (EMA)

The covid ani viral pill, Paxlovid has been been recommended for use with clinically vulnerable adults.

RT reports: Announcing the conditional marketing authorization (CMA) of the treatment, the EMA said that Paxlovid has been recommended “for treating Covid-19 in adults who do not require supplemental oxygen and who are at increased risk of the disease becoming severe.

The CMA mechanism, the EMA notes, is used to speed up the authorization process of medicines “during public health emergencies.”

The regulator added that Paxlovid has become “the first antiviral medicine to be given by mouth that is recommended in the EU for treating Covid-19.”

The approval of Paxlovid follows the authorization in December of antibody treatment Xevudy, produced by GlaxoSmithKline and Vir Biotechnology, as well as Kineret by Swedish company Sobi, which was originally an arthritis drug but is able to “reduce” Covid-related inflammation.

Paxlovid’s competitor, Merck’s Lagevrio (molnupiravir), remains under consideration by the EMA, as its effectiveness has proved to be lower than expected.

Both Paxlovid and molnupiravir received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration in December last year.


  1. My first question would be show me whats in it and the data on clinical trials conducted.At this point i don’t trust anything they come up with.

  2. I got covid a couple of weeks ago. I have been sicker to be honest. I know it was covid because I got tested. My work requires me to be tested every Monday. So I tested positive. I started a shallow cough, and mild fever like 100 – 101. low energy. I have been taking zinc, and other minerals, so I started taking Quercetin and Quinine. I did not get worse, I had coughing, constant mild fever, and muscle aches from the fever. I felt like this before when I had bacterial pneumonia a couple of times in the past. It felt exactly like that. I was familiar with these symptoms. I called my doctor and told hiim to give that antibiotic again. Azithromycin. That is what cured me of the pneumonia last time. He argued with me, but finally gave me the prescription. I took the first dose, and about two hours I felt better. the next day took the second dose, very much better. they give you five days total. it was gone and I was back to normal. I may have had covid, but the bacterial pneumonia was what was keeping me sick. I know virus’s don’t react to antibiotics, so this was a bacterial infection in my lungs. I have had this twice before. I walk around with pneumonia for about 3 months the first time before I got tired of being sick. they gave me same antibiotics that took care of it. I am wondering if many of these people actually have bacterial pnemonia.

  3. Everyone involved in funding and developing this disease, all those who placed the orders for such a virus with the money hungry scientists to develop for them need to taken to trial All of them from every nation on earth who were in it together to invent and then transmit this repulsive and evil virus.

    • And in the USA Francis Reed in his role has the power to subpoena ANYONE . I can’t recall his job description or title but he, that position should have been doing the subpieaning for Trump over the stolen election, and now Reed should have been last year subpieaning all of the scientists and Fauci etc Gates too, all of them. He’s Roman Catholic so should morally be defending the Truth.

          • Under National Defense Authorization, and all because covid was manufactured to be a Bio weapon that facitate an coup of global democracies from WHO. It was done as a mitary bio weapin, an act of war. Against we the people and democratic values. All from the sane source of u democratically elected authorities.

  4. Latest data The data showed a rate of infection of 866 per 100,000 people for the double vaccinated and 481 per 100,000 for the boosted, or triple vaccinated. The unvaccinated had a rate of infection of 413 per 100,000. The death rate from COVID is drastically different too. The death rate of those who have had two shots is about 12 per 100,000 which is more than 50% higher than the rate for the unvaccinated. Data from Public Health Scotland.

    • Data from the U.K. from Aug. 16 to Dec. 5, 2021, showed people who had been vaccinated accounted for four of every five COVID-19 deaths, England’s Data

      • Here they’re saying that yesterday 97 people died of covid That would be about the total for the whole 2020, and that was dubious. How come since the vaccines have been popular?Last year almost no deaths Now 97 8n one day. That doesn’t make sense if the vaccines worked as vaccines.

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