Melinda Gates Grades Trump Administration D-Minus For Its Coronavirus Response

Fact checked

Melinda Gates has graded the Trump administration a D-minus for its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The billionaire wife of Bill Gates said more funding for vaccines and testing were needed in the United States.

The Independent reports: The co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has donated billions of dollars towards public health research, rated Donald Trump and his administration low because they lacked coordination for the national response to Covid-19.

“You know, if we were doing the things that the exemplar countries are doing, like Germany, we would be testing,” Mrs. Gates told Politico.

“We would be testing, first, health care workers and then the most vulnerable, and you’d be doing contact tracing. And we would be able to start thinking about slowly, slowly reopening places in society in safe and healthy ways, but we have a lack of a coordinated effort. That’s just the truth, across the United States.”

In comparison, she thought the state governors were stepping up with ”50 different homegrown state solutions” to handle the novel virus.

Funding towards vaccines and testing was “absolutely” recommended by Mrs Gates as a proactive response. Organisations should also be looking into funding vaccine development, she added.


  1. Wait until the world finds out that Bill Gates is a woman and Melinda is the dude! Who the hell would trust the computer guy with their health? Go away freaks!

  2. All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us Michael Jackson And after that they set their dogs onto him and then murdered him medically.

  3. Dear Melinda Gates: President Trump used the model that Dr. Fauci recommended. Trump made a few suggestions but left most everything up to FAuci and the state governors. I would think you would approve of Trump using Fauci’s model, since FAUCI RUNS BILL GATES PRIVATE LAB THAT CREATES VACCINES ETC. Melinda, if you don’t approve, then you need to talk to your own employee, Dr. Fauci, who holds a patent for the vaccine that is supposed to save us. GO POUND SAND.

    • Give a listen to Dr. Judy Mikovits. She’s a microbiologist that worked under Fauci, who ruined her life. She has published a book called “Plague of Corruption” which I am eager to read. She gave a 20 minute interview that is posted on beforeitsnewsdotcom in which she exposes the absolute corruption of our health system. Check it out. You might already have.

  4. Great. What was odama grade for h1n1? A negative F? Love how the rich are so full of themselves that they have the nerve to tell us peasants how to think!! FU!

  5. Is that Bill’s husband or is that a horse? Anyway, I give Melinda Gates a “S” for Satanist. Sorry we don’t want your poisonous vaccine or your Plandemic.

  6. These 2 blokes need a fucking bullet to the head immediately. Never trust a man that fucks a man.

  7. Dig into your own pockets You’ve taken billions from us You can vaccinate your stealth scare workers at your own expense.

  8. Looks like they are picking sides now. I can’t wait to see Gavin Newsome pick sides against 3 MILLION California Christians at the end of this month! Globalist atheists always underestimate faith.

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