Mexican woman becomes world’s ‘oldest person’ at 127

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A Mexican woman has become the world’s oldest person as she celebrated her 127 birthday yesterday.

She attributes her long life to eating chocolate, sleeping for days on end and never getting married, her family have said.

The woman, named Leandra Becerra Lumbreras, was reported to have been born on 31 August 1887 – the same year as Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.

She was 27 when World War One erupted, 75 when John F. Kennedy was shot and nearly 100 when the Berlin Wall came down.

Her relatives told Mexico’s El Horizonte newspaper that she has sadly already seen five of her children and some of her 20 grandchildren die. Her granddaughter, Miriam Alvear, 43 said in El Horizonte: “She is entirely lucid; she blows your mind with stories from the revolution.”

Lumbreras has however lost her birth certificate and so is not officially recognised as the world’s oldest person, that title goes to Misao Okawa from Japan, who is 12 years younger!

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