Modern-Day Nostradamus Predicts World War III To Begin June 2016

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A modern-day Nostradamus, Pastor Ricardo Salazar, gives dates for asteroid strikes, World War III and the second coming of Christ.

A modern-day Nostradamus, Pastor Ricardo Salazar, gives dates for asteroid strikes, World War III and the second coming of Christ.

A modern-day Nostradamus named Ricardo Salazar has predicted that China and Russia will spark World War III in June 2016 after Europe closes its borders due to the migrant crisis. 

Pastor Ricardo Salazar claims that the world needs to brace itself for a very unsettling future from 2016 onwards. He says that around the same time as the outbreak of World War III, the world will experience a devastating asteroid strike, followed by tsunami’s, earthquakes, and super volcano’s.

According to Salazar, all of these events will continue to unfold for some 7 years before the second coming of Christ in 2023. reports:

If you were hoping for a better 2016, it does not look good if Pastor Ricardo Salazar’s premonitions are to be trusted.

A video, urging people to panic buy food, water and medicine for at least a year, has been posted to YouTube.

The narrator of the video, published by Profecias Personales, said: “We pray oh Lord that this video may awaken many people throughout the world about the judgement you are about to perform on the world.

There have been a glut of online wannabe Nostradamus copy cats of late, with End of World predictions ranging from asteroids, to Earthquakes and volcanoes to the CERN Large Hadron Collider creating a black hole that will swallow the planet.

But Pastor Ricardo Salazar took a dig at all before him, claiming many of them would die during his dateline of disaster for giving false days.

The narrator added: “In this judgement our lord will be very severe against the pastors and false prophets who have lied to the church and given a false gospel.

“He will punish these religious leaders who have sought economic gain instead of preaching the gospel.

“It has been reveal to Pastor Salazar many of these past and false prophets will die during these disasters and they will replaced by others who are fearful of God and do his will.

Pastor Salazar is a Peruvian trained lawyer, who now lives in Japan, and plans to have the biggest Christian church in the world.

The story goes that he was contacted by people two years ago who said God would use him as a channel to set out what was going to happen before his premonitions began.

They came to him through “dreams, visions and audible voices”, according to the video.

So what is in store for us, according to Pastor Salazar?

•Towards the end of the year, or in early 2016: Europe will close its borders to refugees, followed by other countries, including the US, where martial law will begin

•February 2016: China will attack Japan

•April 2016: A star will become visible, getting bigger every night, before Russia confirms an asteroid is coming

•May 15 to 17 2016: At 2.20am local time Puerto Rico time off the coast, a 5.6mile asteroid will impact. It will cause earthquakes across the world and tsunamis with initially 1.2billion deaths before the figure rises

•Shortly after: Volcanoes across the globe, including Yellowstone, in the USA, will erupt, sending up ash that will block out the sun and cause a year-long ice age and a large chunk of California to disappear

•June 16 2016: World war III breaks out when Russia and China attack a heavily weakened US

•October 25 2016: The Russia/China alliance wins WWIII

•March 2017: The Chinese Yen becomes the new global currency

•Late 2018/early 2019: Russia attacks Israel

•2020: The Antichrist arrives on Earth and rules over us all

•2023:The Second Coming of Christ and salvation