Monkeys In Thailand Overpower Police, Seize City Blocks And Create Autonomous No-Go Zone

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Police in Thailand have admitted they are unable to control thousands of sex-crazed monkeys that have overrun a city and created an autonomous human no-go zone.

Many local residents in the city of Lopburi have been forced to barricade themselves at home as the monkeys take over the streets.

The growing population, at least 8,400 in the area with most concentrated in a few inner city blocks, has decimated parts of the local economy. 

Police officer Nirad Pholngeun told the Deccan Herald that trying to control and disperse large groups of the primates was “hopeless“.

Locals are terrified of the vicious macaques who have based themselves in an abandoned cinema
The urban monkeys have overrun the Thai city of Lopburi

Officer Pholngeun said he has been using a slingshot to scare away the large group of macaques but they return in a matter of minutes.

He said: “Within a blink of an eye there are more monkeys. So many babies.”

TheSun report: Locals from the tourist hotspot of Lopburi have been afraid to leave their homes due to the impending attacks by the macaques. 

The primates have based themselves in an abandoned cinema in the city where they also leave the remains of their dead love ones.

Any human who attempts to enter is reportedly attacked.

The population of monkeys roaming the city is expected to be as high as 8,400
The cinema where the monkeys have made their headquarters and where they lay their dead to rest


Last month we reported that the population of monkeys were being sterilized by Thai authorities in a bid to bring them under control. 

But the primates have continued to rampage the city as the lack of tourists continues to leave them without food.

Before coronavirus, the humans and the primates used to live together peacefully with the monkey population believed to be as high as 6,000.

Locals began feeding the macaques junk food in an attempt to calm the overzealous monkeys down but it made the situation worse.

Thai authorities began sterilising the monkeys in a bid to bring their population under control

Their new sugary diet and the lack of tourists because of the Covid-19 crisis have conspired to make life miserable for the people of Lopburi.

As a result of their junk food diet, the urban monkeys have less muscle than their wild counterparts.

Many suffer from blood disease and hypertension.

Narongporn Doodduem, the director of a regional office of the Wildlife Conservation Department, said: “The monkeys are never hungry, just like children who eat too much KFC.”

Many local residents have been forced to barricade themselves at home as the monkeys take over the streets.

Local woman Kuljira Taechawattanawanna told the Daily Mail it was like being in prison: “We live in a cage but the monkeys live outside.”

Despite the animals being outnumbered by the 750,000 humans living there, parts of the city are said to now be no-go zones.

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