Great Reset King Charles III Warns: ‘Humanity Has 6 Years Left Before Climate Armageddon’

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'Great Reset' King Charles warns humanity only has 6 years left before climate armageddon

‘Great Reset’ King Charles III has issued a chilling warning to humanity: commit to the net zero goals of the WEF or face armageddon in just six years time.

Charles joined London’s far-left Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan this week to activate a a “climate clock”, warning that a “climate catastrophe” will be triggered by 2030 unless the Paris Climate Agreement’s extreme green agenda goals, as dictated by the Davos elite, are adhered to.

The radical mayor described the clock as “a visual reminder of the urgency of the climate crisis.”

“Today with His Majesty King Charles III we launched the Climate Clock — a visual reminder of the urgency of the climate crisis,” Khan declared in a post on Twitter.

“The climate emergency poses a threat not only to the future of our city but to the future of our world and that is why it must remain a key priority.”

WATCH: reports: The King activated the clock during the Climate Innovation Forum at the Guildhall in London on Wednesday, The Daily Mail reported.

The clock warns the public that the world it has just six years and 24 days to limit the heating of the Earth to 1.5 degrees centigrade.

The clock also has a built-in Renewable Energy Lifeline, which shows the percentage of global energy coming from renewable sources currently sits at 12.5 percent.

This tracks factors including renewable energy sources, land and inland waters managed by Indigenous Peoples, climate debt, monies contributed by countries to the Green Climate Fund, and “gender parity.”

The clock is the latest in a worldwide project seeking to scare the public into accepting that the globe must reach “zero emissions.”

Khan’s post was “ratioed” and widely mocked on Twitter, as many users likened him to climate activist Greta Thunberg and said they doubt that action must be taken in six years.

“What a load of nonsense,” British politician David Kurten tweeted.

“There is no climate emergency.”

“Leave Us Alone,” Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson posted.

Khan, one of the most prominent supporters of the climate change movement, has been criticized in the past over his reluctance to condemn private jet usage in London.

He is often called out over the air travel miles he has racked up since taking office while warning about climate change.

“Hasn’t he heard of Zoom?” Khan’s critics tweeted in October when the liberal mayor flew 7,000 miles across the globe from the United Kingdom to Argentina to speak at a climate change summit.

A spokesperson for Khan’s office claims the mayor must use private jets when “no appropriate alternative exists.”

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