More Than 18,000 Cows Killed In Massive Dairy Farm Explosion In Texas

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Tens of thousands of cows have been killed and one person critically injured following an explosion at a dairy farm in Texas on Monday night.

Fire spread quickly through the holding pens at the South Fork Dairy Farm in Dimmitt, where thousands of dairy cows were crowded together waiting to be milked.

The cause of the explosion remains unknown and comes amid a mysterious spate of explosions, fires and cyberattacks on processing plants and food depots.

The NYPost reports: Only a small percentage of the cattle at South Fork Dairy survived the tragedy, officials told KFDA.

“There’s some that survived, there’s some that are probably injured to the point where they’ll have to be destroyed,” Castro County Sheriff Sal Rivera said this week.

The injured person was trapped in the facility but was saved by fire crews and airlifted to a Lubbock hospital that is about 80 miles away from the Dimmitt business, the sheriff’s office said, according to KAMR.

“The magnitude of the fire and the amount of people that were here, we were very fortunate that it was less than what we had,” said Rivera, according to KVII. “We had just one injured it could have been a lot worse.”

The Animal Welfare Institute estimated the incident is the deadliest barn fire in Texas and deadliest involving cattle since the organization started tracking the fires in 2013, KFDA reported.


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