Ron Paul: ‘New World Order’ Began Their Coup of America With Murder of JFK

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Ron Paul declares New World Order began their coup of America with assassination of JFK

Congressman Ron Paul has declared that the ‘New World Order’ began their coup d’etat of America when the CIA assassinated JFK in 1963

During an appearance on the Tim Pool podcast this week, Rep. Paul called out several current members of Congress who have no knowledge of or loyalty to the U.S. Constitution.

Finally, he pointed out that JFK was murdered by the CIA and that moment was the beginning of the globalist takeover of the U.S.

The Daily Caller reports:

Ron Paul Tells Tim Pool JFK Was ‘Murdered By Our Government’

Former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul claimed John F. Kennedy was “murdered by our government” during a Tuesday interview with political commentator Tim Pool.

Paul appeared on Pool’s show, “Timcast IRL,” for a wide ranging interview about current events, economics and war. Pool asked Paul 10 minutes into the show about the possibility of America entering World War III against Russia.

“I’m arguing the case that we’re in the middle of it and moving right along, that the revolution has been fought, there’s been a coup, we don’t have any resemblance to a government that believes in a Republic, we don’t have honest money, we don’t have integrity,” Paul said.

“But I do believe there has been a coup, and it’s been taken over, and if I want to, and if I can I want to just put the date in my mind, and anybody could pick probably any date in the last 100 years, but I have picked November 22nd 1963,” Paul continued. “That was the day Kennedy was murdered by our government, you know by the CIA.”


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