Morgan Freeman: ‘Evil’ Monsanto Are ‘Depopulating The Planet’

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"Evil Monsanto business practices" are depopulating the planet, “one species at a time,” according to Morgan Freeman.

Evil Monsanto business practices” are depopulating the planet, “one species at a time,” according to Morgan Freeman, who warns that action must be taken against the company if the human race is to survive. 

Not only has Monsanto gained a monopoly over the world’s food supply, but according to Morgan Freeman, its products are causing devastation among humans, wildlife and the environment in general.

Monsanto are actively destroying the honeybee so they can play God and try to rewrite the rules of nature, all for the purpose of greed,” explained Mogran Freeman, who pointed out that genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Monsanto’s bread and butter, “are wiping out the honeybee in this country.”

Honeybees are responsible for pollinating many of the crops humans depend on for food,” Morgan Freeman said, warning “the consequences for the human race are not going to pretty.

But unlike many Hollywood stars, Freeman is not just paying lip service to a problem without doing anything of value in the real world. Morgan Freeman is getting his hands dirty and playing his part in the fight against Monsanto.

In an effort to help support population growth for the little pollinators, the actor has turned his 124-acre Mississippi ranch into a sanctuary for wild honey bees. He hired a gardener, planted hundreds of flowering trees, and filled many acres with clover.

Starting with 26 hives of buzzing babies, the actor has turned himself into an experienced beekeeper. Importantly, he has instituted a strict ban on “life destroying” Monsanto products on his property.

Actions speak louder than words

Through his actions, Freeman has made clear his love and compassion for wildlife and the environment. The actor appeared on an episode of Larry King Now last year where he highlighted the responsibility humans have in the disturbing decline of honeybee populations.

During the appearance, King asked Freeman, “Would you blame Monsanto for making RoundUp or the government for their lax rules on pesticides?

With feeling in his voice, Freeman replied, “Both – there’s been a frightening loss of bee colonies, particularly in this country… to such an extent that scientists are now saying it’s dangerous.

The actor also said the mass honeybee die-off should serve as a dire warning to humanity, comparing the demise to “the canary in the mine.

Years ago, prior to today’s advanced mining technology, canaries were used to detect poisonous gases such as methane. They were caged, placed in mines, and then monitored. As the amount of gas reached toxic levels, the canaries would either get sick, begin to sing louder, or die, indicating that the workers needed to exit the mine.

The implications of wiping out honeybees are incredibly more severe than most people realize.

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