Most Child Transgender Patients Are Severely Autistic, Official Statistics Show

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Transgender child victims are usually severely autistic, official statistics show

New data shows that the majority of child patients at transgender clinics are severely autistic, which raises serious concerns about the safety and effectiveness of these clinics.

As per Spectrum News:

“People who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth are three to six times as likely to be autistic as cisgender people are, according to the largest study yet to examine the connection. Gender-diverse people are also more likely to report autism traits and to suspect they have undiagnosed autism.” reports: In the middle of a meandering treatise on the explosion in “transgender” youths in the UK, The Guardian dropped a little nugget that should have been the lead:

“The Cass report stated that approximately one-third of children and young people being referred to the Tavistock had autism or other types of neurodiversity.”

(Tavistock was a UK government-run “affirmative care” clinic that was so reckless in its child-transing practices that it was forced to shut down following an independent audit of its activities, which included a 20-fold increase in referrals of “trans youth” in a ten-year period.)

Psychological clinical work has demonstrated that “individuals with ASD [autism spectrum disorder] might be more susceptible to suggestive and interrogative questioning styles than their typical counterparts… they tend to score higher on a number of psychological trait measures that have been reported to correlate with suggestibility and compliance in typical individuals.”

This means they are more open to manipulation by actors with an agenda, such as transgender youth counselors.

It’s easier to convince them of their previously undiscovered transness.

According to Dr. David Bell, former consultant psychiatrist at the Tavistock NHS Foundation Trust, “some children have got the double problem of living with the wrong treatment, and the original problems weren’t addressed – with complex problems like trauma, depression, large instances of autism.”

Dear God in Heaven!

Imagine that your child is in emotional distress. You, the parent, naturally, not knowing how to fix the problem, take them to a trusted healthcare professional for help.

Then, rather than diagnosing and treating his autism, instead, your doctor recommends chemical castration and a new set of prosthetic chest implants. Your kid wasn’t transgender before – either physically or mentally –  but he sure as hell is now! The cherry on top is that you’re out tens of thousands of dollars you could have used to actually improve your child’s life.

The hospital and doctor, on the other hand, are tens of thousands of dollars richer, and they just gained a repeat client. Per research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, “transgender” patients undergoing “affirmative care” require all manner of physical and psychological “aftercare,” potentially lasting decades:

“The most frequently mentioned aftercare need was (additional) assistance in surgical recovery (47%), followed by consultations with a mental health professional (36%) and physiotherapy for the pelvic floor (20%).”

It turns out, removing the sex organs, carving out a flesh canal in the groin, and calling it a “vagina” isn’t an in-and-out procedure.

Now your kid is not only stumbling through the already-difficult period of adolescence with undiagnosed autistic — he’s also got a newfound case of gender dysphoria; he’s sterilized for life courtesy of the UK government; he’s in and out of the hospital constantly for affirmative “aftercare” to try to clean up the mess left by the surgeons!

Then, when he kills himself, because of the compounded pressures of newfound gender dysphoria and autism and crushing existential pain, the media blames systemic transphobia for the suicide, not the medical system that brutalized him!

That’s liberal, and loving!


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  2. From this article it sounds as though big pharma has created the ASD condition and then turned around and exploited the maiming they caused. It won’t end because evil – such as pharmakia – has nothing to stop of slow the experimentation. When this kind of thing happened in the late ’30’s and early ’40’s the perpetrators were put on trial. Modern day mutilators should be tried even if it’s a sham.

  3. Proof that transgenderism is a mental disorder. Where are the parents who are bound by nature to nurture their children back to sanity? Inbreeding and marriage of mentally challenged couples has to come to an end.

  4. I read an interesting article that explains how transgender ism may be related to a plastic which is a form of estrogen that is polluting everyone now and acts on the hormones.

  5. they are easier to manipulate into thinking they are of a different sex by their handlers.
    That poor Jaz boy her family convinced that she was a girl is now a young adult train wreck. now nothing more that a 300lb unick that can only fit into a mumu, and having all kings of infections in her fake vagina.
    Child abuse beyond belief. Good thing i don’t live next door to those Satanists. I would cut the nuts off that father .

    I feel so sad for that boy.
    He was asked if he was sure he wanted to go thru the surgery, and his answer was that this has gone so far and long, and he didn’t want to disappoint anyone, so lets do it. the doctors should have stopped right there in their tracks, but went a head and mutilated and botched the job horribly.

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