MTG Tells UK Reporter to ‘F*** Off’

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene had a couple of words for a British podcast host thisweek who was trying to smear MAGA by aligning Donald Trump with conspiracy theorists.

MTG slapped down the former BBC reporter who was attempting to smear former President, by abruptly ending the interview and telling her to “fuck off”.

Emily Maitlis, a former BBC reporter who is a podcast host for The News Agents, took aim at the Republican Congresswoman at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago headquarters on Super Tuesday after the former president swept through in all but one state.

Maitlis started off by pretending to play nice with MTG before asking why the president had a strong following of conspiracy theorists.

InfoWars reports: After inquiring if Nikki Haley would be considered among Trump’s VP choices, Maitlis asked, “And can you tell me why so many people that support Donald Trump love conspiracy theories, including yourself?”

“He seems to attract lots of conspiracy theorists,” the reporter added.

MTG retorted, “Let me tell you, you’re the conspiracy theorist and the left and the media spreads more conspiracy theories…”

“We like the truth, we like supporting our Constitution, our freedoms, and America First,” Taylor-Greene added.

At this point, the British reporter went knives out, sneering, “What about Jewish space lasers? Tell us about Jewish space lasers.”

MTG shot back, “No, why don’t you go talk about Jewish space lasers and really why don’t you fuck off? How about that?”

The incident is illustrative of how the unhinged left, disgruntled over Trump’s victories, has tossed out common decency and will now try every dirty trick they can think of to besmirch Trump and his followers as he gets closer to re-assuming power.

We can expect more overt passive aggressiveness from the media towards MAGA as November grows nearer.


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