Filthy San Fransisco Suffers Historic ‘Brownout’ as Residents Continue Pooping on Streets

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San Fransisco suffers historic brownout as residents poop on streets in record numbers

San Fransisco is suffering an historic ‘brownout’ due to the record levels of human feces covering all of its streets.

In recent years, San Fransisco has been voted one of the filthiest slums in the world, with human waste and needles piling up and causing contamination and disease amongst its population.

Now, new reports show that the Bay Area’s public bowel movements are worse than ever before. reports: The poop-data was released by Open the Books, a nonprofit government watchdog, which includes all cases closed by the San Francisco Department of Public Works since 2011, Business Insider reported.

There were over 5,000 documented cases in 2011, according to the data. In 2018, that number rose more than fivefold to over 28,000 reported cases.

The so-called Bay Area “brownout” has been attributed to the city’s large homeless population. Out of the 7,499 homeless people recorded in 2017, about 58 percent, or 4,353 people, were marked as unsheltered. The other 3,146 were designated sheltered.

San Francisco’s politicians have attempted to address the problem, forming a “Poop Patrol” tasked with scouring the city streets, cleansing them of fecal matter.


    • Um, have you never been to SAn Francisco? I lived there years ago and this is a picture of San Francisco CITY – these are different districts in SF, they are not separate cities. headsmack.

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