MUST READ: “Problem-Reaction-Solution” No Longer Correct: New Formula Worse

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Some very curious things have been coming out of the proverbial shadows regarding the events of yesterday’s corporate-owned mainstream media branded “Sydney Siege” – many are claiming that the naming of the event in and of itself is a way of what many believe to be the people behind these attacks’ way of telling everyone that this was, indeed a “false flag” – or planned event which hurts and scares real people into accepting new laws.

Many are bringing up the fact that this is an interesting turn of events – a sort of shying away from “normal” false flag operations – as Australia seemingly out of nowhere implemented laws eerily similar to the loathed “Patriot Act” in America just a few months ago – claiming fear of ISIS among the many reasons that Australian’s should lose all of their rights to privacy.

An article titled “Australian Government Scrambles to Authorize Mass Surveillance” says:

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott used recent terrorist threats as the backdrop of a dire warning to Australians that “for some time to come, the delicate balance between freedom and security may have to shift. There may be more restrictions on some, so that there can be more protection for others.”

Those who believe the Sydney Siege was a staged event noted how the reversal, rather the paralyzing laws being pushed through first, THEN the “event” (staged, to those who say it’s a false flag event) happened.

Normally, many use 9/11 or the London 7/11 bombings as prime examples of the classic “Problem-Reaction-Solution” application of a false flag. The theory is that a PROBLEM (in this example, the terrorist attacks on 9/11), which then leads to a massive REACTION (millions of people globally in fear “it could happen to them”), which then led to a “SOLUTION” (American’s being stripped of all privacy rights, laws, going to war, etc – which the now scared and fearful people accept without question because they are still literally in shock from the event and they feel these things are meant to feel safe, thus they allow their rights to be taken away quickly.

However, with this recent “Sydney Siege” event, we see a potentially disturbing and interesting re-arrangement of the theory of Problem-Reaction-Solution.

Suddenly, if this event indeed was a “false flag” event, then the old theory became, Solution-Problem-Reaction.

Or has it?

Australia’s damning and horrific expulsion of rights front the Australian public this year mostly in the name of “fear of ISIS terrorism” took many in the global community by surprise.

So, not to complicate, but, those who believe in false flag events need to really put their heads together and figure out what this seemingly out of order event means. Are their further implications?

Another interesting theory is that it has grown from Problem-Reaction-Soltion to a multi-dimenstional and, thus, scarier situation.

Could it be Reaction to ISIS by the public (manipulated of course) in Australia led to the Solution (the laws being stripped and rights lost)? So now what? Another problem. Which, using the basic concept or theory of Problem-Reaction-Solution and spells out a potentially disturbing thought:

If indeed the so called “formula” has changed, that could indicate something very, very bad is coming. The new formula would potentially be: Reaction-Solution-Problem-Reaction-Solution – we have just had the problem, via the Sydney Siege… and prior to that was the Solution already put into place based on an initial Reaction (to ISIS).

Could the Sydney attacks have been a way for the so called “Powers That Be” to now implement something much, much worse as a “Solution”?

Perhaps this time, it will be something even more dangerous and threatening to Australia and the world.

Those who believe and follow the concepts presented above may want to brace themselves – because if this once three step process has grown as explained – the next “solution” may not come in the form of rights of freedom being taken away via signatures on pieces of paper…. those that subscribe to the theory might want to start researching what “they” are up to – because whispers are that the next “Solution” will be much more personal and in-your-face than before.

Why? Because Australia – and most of the West – have given their rights up already… So let’s pray the next solution isn’t the “final solution” – because, at this point, “they” can not just sign away our rights, they’ve already done that. Now that we are without rights? “They” can do anything they want with us.

We have potentially become more disposable than ever, and that is nothing to joke about.





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