Trump: Biden Is ‘An Absolute Threat to Democracy…Is Surrounded By Bad People’

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Biden and Trump

During an appearance on Thursday’s Hannity former President Donald Trump claimed that President Joe Biden is “a threat to democracy.”

Trump was asked to react to being removed from the GOP primary ballots in Colorado and Maine based on the claim he engaged in so-called “insurrection.”

Breitbart reports: The Republican presidential frontrunner told Fox News host Sean Hannity that he expected the Supreme Court to rule in his favor and reject the two states’ move to exclude him from the ballot.

However, he also said that the real threat to “democracy” was incumbent President Joe Biden, who Trump claimed was surrounded by “communists,” “Marxists” and “fascists.”

“[N]ow, Biden is a threat to democracy,” he declared. “He is an absolute threat to democracy. He’s very dangerous for a couple of reasons. Number one, he’s grossly incompetent, the number one reason. But he’s also – actually, in his own way, it’s not him, it’s the people around him. He set very bad people surrounding him at that desk.”

“You have people running the Department of Justice surrounding him,” Trump continued. “They’re young, and they’re smart, and they are communists, and they’re Marxists. They’re fascists, and they’re running this country.”

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