Nancy Pelosi Says Illegal Aliens Need To Stay In Florida To Pick Crops

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Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi let her mask slip on Friday when she said that illegal immigrants need to stay in Florida to pick crops.

According to the House Speaker the illegals should not be sent to Martha’s Vineyard because they are needed to work on the farms in the south.

The Gateway Pundit reports: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently sent two planes of illegals to Martha’s Vineyard.

The racist white limousine liberals on Martha’s Vineyard freaked out and immediately deported the illegals.

Pelosi said the illegals need to stay in Florida so they can pick fruit.

“We have a shortage of workers in our country. In Florida, some of the farmers and the growers are saying ‘why are you shipping these immigrants up North? We need them to pick the crops down here.’” Pelosi said.


Imagine the headlines if Trump or any Republican said something like this.


Pelosi got roasted for her racist rant.
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