Video: Ferguson Witness 23 Year Old Shawn Grey Found Dead

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It seems to a strange occurrence with Ferguson witnesses and even those who know him: silence.  This time, however, the witness, 23-year old Shawn Grey, has been found dead.  Is someone trying to cover something up, or is this just another tragic accident where a young life was claimed too young?

Susan Duclos from All News Pipeline recently wrote an article called “Ferguson: Another Witness Dead! Is Someone Tying Up Loose Ends?” [1], and she writes:

According to this new story from TeleSurTV and the video below from Dahboo777, another witness in the Michael Brown shooting has been found dead.

23-year old Shawn Grey was seen last leaving a restaurant on Thanksgiving day; his body was just found.

Previously, another witness, DeAndre Joshua, had been found shot inside of his car, which had also been set on fire in the same area where Michael Brown had been killed.

Obviously, questions are now being asked, is someone attempting to tie up loose ends?

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