Police evict activists and dismantle soup kitchen for London homeless

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Police evict activists and dismantle soup kitchen for London homeless

With all dedicated centers remaining closed until January 3, the situation facing the homeless in central London had hit crisis point…yet an activist group trying to help have been forcibly ousted by the police

RT reports: Social justice activists determined to feed the homeless have faced eviction for the second time following their attempts to open a soup kitchen in Westminster, in the heart of London. They were forcibly ousted by police Tuesday night.

Following their eviction from a listed Victorian building near Trafalgar Square they had been occupying in the run-up to Christmas, the group decided to set up a soup kitchen outside.

Since December 25, they had been distributing food, coffee and tea outside the vacant offices to people sleeping rough on the streets of London.

In a statement Tuesday afternoon, the group, who call themselves the “Love Activists,” said that the situation facing the homeless in central London has hit crisis point. Services to help the homeless in the area are woefully inadequate, they argued, with all dedicated centers due to remain closed until January 3.

“[The] Love Activists are one of the only groups protecting the homeless now,” the group warned, adding it would not “be moved on by the council.”

But on Tuesday night, police officers and council staff forcibly ousted the activists from the area and forced them to dismantle their soup kitchen.

It is thought the authorities wanted to clear the street in preparation for New Year’s Eve festivities.

The Love Activists are determined to continue providing food and clothing to homeless people in central London.  Despite Tuesday night’s eviction, they have reportedly set up their soup kitchen again this morning in Trafalgar Square in front of the National Portrait Gallery.

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