Nancy Pelosi’s San Fransisco BANS Unvaccinated Residents From Drinking in Bars

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Unvaxxed residents banned from drinking in bars in Pelosi's San Fransisco

Nancy Pelosi’s San Fransisco has become the latest Democrat-run state to announce a two tier society favoring those who have received the COVID shot.

The San Francisco Bar Owner Alliance announced that effective today anyone wanting to have a drink in nearly all bars in the city will need to be fully vaccinated or provide a negative COVID test.

Anybody who refuses will be barred from drinking inside.

RELATED: San Francisco Declared One Of World’s Filthiest Slums reports: There it is. The vaccinated get access to the inner sanctum, while the unvaccinated remain outside the door.

According to reports, “It will be up to each individual bar to decide how best to enforce” the policy, which will be voluntary for the bar owners.

California announced earlier this week that it will require proof of vaccination or weekly testing for all state workers and health care employees.

After making the announcement, Governor Gavin Newsom likened unvaccinated Americans to murderous drunk drivers:

Given the reports that the vaccinated are still getting and spreading the virus, many pointed out that the bar policy in San Fran makes zero sense.

The tolerant left were quick to show themselves when patrons declared they will not be frequenting any establishments that enforce the policy:

California has very little going for it anymore:


  1. That one thing that wont effect me for sure. I have not been in a bar in 40years to take a drink. IMO it is a stupid place to go.
    It is just really concerning how this vaccine campaign is being conducted. How come more people are not suspicious of this?
    America has gone stupid for the most part.

    • Yes Theyve been conditioned by education to comply with any authority figure To follow the leaders like sheep They’re trained to comply. Not critically analyse or think independently That’s why they made education compulsory

  2. Voluntary, sure Like it was voluntary for boys just barely old enough to drive a car to enlist to go the front lines in ww1 and 2 .Sure Voluntary .But if you dont accept the war story line and dont want to help the rich kill and rob their rivals , then your a gutless coward and they will never give you a decent job or medical care or anything else unless your 8ne of the in crowd already in which case they will treat you like royalty .Those publicans who dont comply won’t want to be needing to renew their Liquor Licence anytime soon. Unless their patrons are all in crowd democrats and none else goes in there really

  3. we’ll see how many liberals can drink themselves stupid to make up for the profit losses these places will surely endure.

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