NASA Performs Chemtrails Experiment Above Maryland

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NASA announce chemtrails experiment in Maryland

NASA performed its first ever public chemtrails experiment in Maryland on Thursday, spraying artificial clouds into the atmosphere in an attempt to protect the Earth from adverse space weather. 

Between the hours of 4:25 a.m. and 4:42 a.m., NASA launched a rocket tasked with dispensing canisters of fake cloud vapor into the sky.

CBS reports: “We expect them to be able to see it, especially in the D.C.-Baltimore area,” said NASA spokesman Keith Koehler. “Really, from New York to North Carolina.”

The artificial cloud will be created 96 to 124 miles up in the ionosphere, giving scientists a glimpse into how highly energized particles interact with air molecules.

But the clouds won’t last long.

“About 5 to 10 minutes after the deployment,” said Koehler.

While it takes rockets to study these highly energized particles, they do have down to earth effects on technologies we depend upon every day.

“Looking at our power systems, our telecommunications systems, all that type of thing,” Koehler said.

Threatened by space weather, to be studied Thursday, provided regular weather clears.


    • Goddamn are you this stupid? Sean hopes so. There is literally no proof this happened in the article.

  1. See! Been telling you the Zionist can not tell the truth. How much easier to tell the truth and say, Yes, we have been dumping fly ash on your ass for years. It is killing the trees with aluminum poisoning, killing people who have breathing problems, but hey, we are evil Zionist and are going to continue to steal your labor and use it to poison you.

    • This was right over my house. I saw the heavy chemtrails before sunrise moving past the moon. I’ve been in a very agitated mood and felt like I had the flu all day. My lungs are tired. Anger and hate justs make them happier so I guess I have to smile at the chemtrails.

  2. Academics Now Recognize Aluminum as Key Potential Cause of Bee Decline

    A new study published June 4, 2105 exposes aluminum as a factor in bee decline. This study makes a few shockingly-honest statements.

    The first statement:

    “While recent attention has focused upon pesticides, other environmental pollutants have largely been ignored.”

    I believe aluminum testing has been intentionally ignored in the corporate-controlled academic community specifically to prevent bringing attention to the ongoing aluminum-aerosol spraying campaign.

    The second statement:

    “Aluminum is the most significant environmental contaminant of recent times…”

    Finally, honest academics—who are not controlled by establishment banker/industrialists—admit that aluminum is a new and significant problem.

    Where is all this new aluminum contamination coming from? All evidence points to ongoing aerosol spray programs being performed in numerous countries worldwide.

    It has been my position all along that aluminum is now the primary cause of insect decline. The unprecedented spraying of very fine aluminum powder has decimated insect populations and has facilitated animal die-offs and the sudden rise of lung cancer to the position of #3 killer of humans despite smoking being at an all-time low.

    The article below exposes how bees and ladybugs virtually vanished in direct temporal relation to aerosol spray events. In fact, historically, all major bee decline events have occurred after heavy aluminum aerosol spraying campaigns began.

    Now that a few honest academics are reincorporating common sense hypothesis back into the scientific process, we can make enormous strides in connecting catastrophic animal and insect declines to ongoing metallic aerosol spray campaigns.

  3. One day they will contaminate the batch of Chemtrails and spray all the human cockroaches below.

  4. Really? Maybe first talked about official testing. It has been going on for quite a while now… poisoning the land, plants, and wildlife with heavy metals that show up in water testing, Some folks out on the West Coast have tested positive for lithium poisoning. Only it’s called Geoengineering.

  5. this is not the first experiment. we seen it for years, and Brennan bragged about Geo engineering years ago at a video taped conference. They are shading the sun in order to try and slow the photosynthesis and hamper CO2 processing from the plants. they wanted to actually get the CO2 levels to rise so they can have scientific proof of CO2 accumulation, and usher in a carbon tax. the effort has been a dismal failure. CO2 levels are not rising, the flora is keeping up with the processing out of CO2 from the atmosphere. they only succeed in poisoning us with heavy metals of aluminum and i think it is barium particles. not sure. These people need to be shot. Makes me sick to see these elites trying to manipulate us, using our tax money.

  6. bs on the clouds not lasting long. it starts a chain reaction of high altitude condensation that spreads out and changes the weather below, making it dreary gray day for the bottom feeders. If i could get my hands on those pilots, it would be done for them. psychopaths. they have been doing this for years. where are these a hole pilots, lets go to their houses

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