WATCH: Nasty Nancy Wipes Her Dirty Nose With Her Bare Hand, Then Touches House Floor Podium

Fact checked
Video shows House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wiping her nose with her bare hand and then wipe it on the shared podium

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday wiped her runny nose with her bare hand, then proceeded to use that same hand on the lectern used by other members of Congress.

The 80-year-old Democratic leader’s scarf was also pulled down around her neck.

Pelosi has held Americans hostage for weeks as she sat inside her San Fransisco mansion eating expensive ice cream. Now she’s back, spreading her germs all over the place.

Democratic lawmakers have the nerve to lecture ordinary Americans about the importance of ‘social distancing’ guidelines amid the coronavirus outbreak, yet they can’t follow their own basic instructions.



  1. It really doesn’t matter that she wiped her nose with her bare hand and touched the podium, because haven’t you noticed that all these politicians are standing less than six feet apart at press conferences? They’ve all gotta get their camera time in. They’re all crammed together so they all fit on the TV screen, and they’re breathing on each other. What’s the difference?

  2. They know that people especially with pre existing heart conditions. If terrified somehow will likely die

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