NATO Deploys More Forces To Its Eastern Flank In Response To Putin’s Ukraine Moves

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Following Russia’s military ‘operation’ in Ukraine, NATO has announced that it will deploy additional defensive land and air forces to the eastern part of the bloc and increase the readiness of all its forces ‘to respond to all contingencies’

In a statement on Thursday the alliance said:“Russia’s actions pose a serious threat to Euro-Atlantic security, and they will have geostrategic consequences. NATO will continue to take all necessary measures to ensure the security and defence of all Allies

After emergency consultations, the bloc decided “to take additional steps” to strengthen its “deterrence and defence.”

“Our measures are and remain preventive, proportionate and non-escalatory

RT reports: The alliance called Russia’s military ‘operation’ “a horrifying attack on Ukraine, which is entirely unjustified and unprovoked” and called on Moscow to “immediately cease” the action.

“Russia will pay a very heavy economic and political price. NATO will continue to coordinate closely with relevant stakeholders and other international organisations including the EU,” the statement reads.

NATO claims that it has “made every effort to pursue diplomacy and dialogue with Russia” and has “repeatedly invited” it for talks in the NATO-Russia Council.

“Russia has still not reciprocated. It is Russia, and Russia alone, which has chosen escalation,” it said.

Russia launched its “special operation” in Ukraine on Thursday morning. As President Putin said, the operation is aimed at stopping the Ukrainian army’s attacks on the two breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, now recognized by Moscow as sovereign states.

In Putin’s opinion, NATO used Ukraine as a proxy, which could threaten Russia militarily. He underlined that his government had to act immediately to demilitarize its neighboring country and to ensure that no attack against Russia occurs in the future on NATO’s terms.


  1. Well they’re saying now that, according to their Morality, Putins invaded ILLEGALY. So that’s it. If he loses he’s executed as war criminal They’ve taken the opportunity to make sure he can’t go back now. And they’ve done it. Ww3 is commencing and it’s going to be very very ugly.

    • This is just the opening salvo. The Luciferian Globlists want a war between Islamic states and Israel. Watch for the Pope (Daniel’s little horn ) to help negociate a temporary peace … it will not last long. The miracal working false prophet will show up and assist the Pope.

  2. Its all about the gravy train. They had eight years to engage in honest statesmanship, and not just threaten and sanction. 8 years to come to an agreement over the Donbass, and not continue the shelling and massacres of its citizens. Eight years to realize that the Eastern provinces never accept the CIA instigated overthrow of the duly elected government. The WEST created this war, not Putin. And they would not let things stop with him sending in the forces into those provinces and so it expanded. Perhaps it was the USA requesting ethnic Russian DNA that was the final straw. Either way, i doubt this would have happened if Donald Trump had been our acting president. He at least listens and know truly the Art of the Deal, not just threatening and sanctioning.

    But then … also there is that pesky Durham report, maybe keep people here in the USA distracted to let that go by,, like all the other criminal deeds of our corrupt officials. Remember the Clintons and Yugoslavia ?

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