Netanyahu Claims Iran Is Hiding A ‘Secret Atomic Warehouse’

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Benjamin Netanyahu claims that Iran has a secret “atomic warehouse” in Tehran.

Speaking at the UN General Assembly on Thursday, the Israeli PM said that Israel had conducted a raid on Iran’s “nuclear atomic archive” which had contained as much as 300 tons of “nuclear-related material.”

He added that”Iran has not abandoned its goal to develop nuclear weapons… Rest assured that will not happen. What Iran hides, Israel will find”

RT reports: Netanyahu went on to reveal a new piece of information. “What I am about to say has not been shared publicly before,” he said. “I am disclosing for the first time that Iran has another secret facility in Tehran.”

Netanyahu showed a photo of the “innocent looking compound” in Tehran, while naming the street that it is located on.

Israeli leader claimed that that the Iranian have been trying to vacate the warehouse after Tel Aviv’s raid on the “archive” and urged nations with satellite capabilities to keep close eye on the locations, as such activity might grow after his statement.

“Since we raided the atomic archive, they’ve been busy cleaning out the atomic warehouse. Just last month they removed 15 kilograms of radioactive material. You know what they did with it?” Netanyahu said. “They took it out and they spread it around Tehran in an effort to hide the evidence.”

Netanyahu slammed the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for not taking any action following Israel’s report on the “secret archive.”

He urged Tehran’s resident to go and get a Geiger counter “from Amazon” to check for radiation in the city. The warehouse allegedly houses “15 ship containers,” which can contain some 300 tons of of “nuclear-related material,” according to Netanyahu.

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  1. OK, would hypocrite Mr. Netanyahu please explain why Israel refuses to have its nuclear facilities inspected by the International Atomic Energy Commission and refuses to sign the Non-Proliferation Agreement?

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