New York Rep: Biden Has ‘Severe Brain Damage’

Fact checked
New York rep says Joe Biden is cognitively compromised

New York Rep. Claudia Tenney said what the rest of us were thinking on Tuesday by declaring that Joe Biden is “severely cognitively impaired” and has a dangerously “low IQ.”

“Biden is a dangerous combination of arrogance and incompetence emanating from a “low IQ individual” who is now severely cognitively impaired. Channeling President Trump,” Tenney tweeted. reports: Tenney had also quote tweeted a story in which Rep. Dan Crenshaw responded to news that Biden is taking orders from the Taliban and will leave American citizens behind.

Responding to news that the US embassy had issued a final alert for US citizens to leave Afghanistan or they’re on their own, which was recalled 30 mins later, Tenney wrote that “this is a failure on all levels.”

“’Leading from Behind’ has officially replaced ‘No Man Left Behind,’” she added.


  1. Dr. Jill should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, as well as, Kamilla and others close to him, for allowing the charade to go this far. Seriously evil people for pushing this sock-puppet out in front of their agenda – Fraud Vitiates Everything

  2. the objective was to KILL KILL KILL the 911 killers…it was never to save them.Bush gave away trillion$ of surplus vehicles and arms to the 911 crew.we can`t save ourselfs let alone the states of islam from themselfs.BUSH built a war? arms sells that we can not win just like all the other failed wars for 1% cash cows

  3. the GOOPYss would bring back the draft and have all the poor kids DOA or without legs or arms brain damaged laying in piles at the VA for the next forever and ever and ever ARMS SELLS for the 1% who runs our GOP

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