Russia Is Ready To Deploy Ground Troops To Syria

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Russia is ready to put boots on the ground in Syria according to Syrian military sources.

Moscow has informed Damascus that it is prepared to dispatch ground troops to Syria as soon as an official request is made by the Syrian government.

Russian special forces were ready to be deployed in areas where Syrian troops were engaged in serious battles against the terrorist groups.

The sources added that the technical aspects of the plan had already been drawn up and would be implemented as soon as an official request was made and Russian President Vladimir Putin issued the order.

Far News Agency reports:

Al-Hadath news quoted the sources as saying that Russia has announced that in case of the Syrian army’s request it is ready to send ground forces to Syria.

The sources said that special Russian forces are prepared to be deployed in regions which are experiencing the most pressures by the terrorist groups.

They added that the technical aspects of the plan have been studied and prepared by Russia, saying that the plan can be implemented upon Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order after Damascus’ official request.

A Russian daily reported earlier this month that the country’s soldiers are about to shoulder the responsibility of restoring security to the Christian-populated regions during the Syrian Army’s imminent anti-terrorism operations in Northern Hama.

Izvestia reported that the Russian units will help popular forces in Hama province to restore security to the town of Mahradeh, whose population are mainly Christians.

The daily added that terrorists are under the Syrian Army’s siege from all directions.

There have been fierce clashes between the government forces and militants near Hahradeh since April 4th.

Informed sources believe that the army intends to complete the siege of the terrorists in Northern Hama to clean the region up to the border with Idlib province.

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