Rockets Strike Baghdad International Airport (Video)

Fact checked
Reports of rockets being fired towards Baghdad International airport

Reports are emerging that rockets have been fired into the area near Baghdad International Airport on Monday. 

The rockets were fired by militants in the Taji area, and landed near Camp Al-Nasr (Victory) – a U.S. military camp.

Reports on Twitter suggest that SCUD missiles may have been used.


Yahoo News reports:

A police colonel said 13 rockets struck two areas near the airport, but an official at the facility said none had hit the airport itself.

There were no immediate reports of casualties from the rocket fire.

The sprawling airport complex, which stretches from western Baghdad to the outskirts of Anbar province, has been targeted by rocket and mortar fire for years, but commercial aviation traffic is rarely disrupted.

But multiple carriers stopped flights into Baghdad for several days after a bullet struck a flydubai jet during its descent in January this year.

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